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I've just reprocessed this photo from a few years ago, which is perhaps the shot that I keep most in my heart, so I really wanted to be sure to make the most of the wonder I saw that night.
A sea of clouds, exposed to the south-east, is lit by the moon (63%) rising in the east.
Yes, a huge mass of clouds slipping down steep rocky ridges from a height of about 2.900 meters.
Shot taken at night on September 6th 2012, from the summit of Mount Rocciamelone (3.538 m), Italy.
This is one of the most otherworldly photograph I've taken, thanks to the intrinsic magic of the night and to the privilege of being there, silently admiring this amazing moment.
This 195 seconds exposure, at 115mm on full frame, turned the slow passage of the clouds in a sort of "silky waterfall".
A few star trails are already visible, despite the exposure wasn't particularly long. I guess we all know as the consequences of Earth's rotation are more obvious when using a telephoto lens.
Intensity of colors, contrast and white balance are strongly faithful to the scene.
Main mountains here visible are the Uia Ciamarella (3.676), P.ta d'Arnas (3.560) and, at the horizon, the south-west face of Gran Paradiso (4.061), companion of many adventures :-)

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  • Taken: Sep 6, 2012
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