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Andrew told me with some excitement last week that there was at least one Tawny Frogmouth chick in the nest at Woodlands Historic Park. It seemed quite late in the season and I was wondering if the clutch had not hatched successfully.

I found some time yesterday afternoon to pop down and have a look. I got a wee bit lost coming in from another direction when the classic silhouette caught my eye. There was dad and the one chick perched on a branch away from the nest. They generally have 2 to three chicks so not sure if some didn't make it but it felt alittle lonely seeing just the one beautiful baby.

My daughter sits her final VCE exam today and I am so looking forward to that weight being lifted!

It is worth celebrating that today is a special day in Victoria with 28 days of no virus, deaths, mystery cases or community transmission and we have officially reached eradication. To all those in other places that are still at the height of the pandemic, my thoughts are with you and I hope that you too can get to a much better place than where you are now.
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  • Taken: Nov 26, 2020
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  • Updated: Jan 6, 2021