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User / DarwinRobot / Boats of Lyme Regis: The Four Stooges
Dale Robins / 261 items
You can just tell, can't you. You can just tell from the jaunty angles that the moment they get together, there'll be mischief.

I suspect that E509 (Spanish Eyes III) is the ringleader and E17 (JBP) is the lieutenant (and wannabe pop star - E17! and JBP? I ask you!). Then there's little BM20 (Slippery Dick) - I have a notion that if there's mischief to be made, it's BM20 who does the dirty, as-it-were - E509 instigates it and BM20, the little rascal, acts on it, egged on by E17.

And then there's E2 (Grey Mist). The shy one. The one no-one would ever suspect. Always quietly cheering from the sidelines as the tomfoolery begins, but with a finely honed nose for the Coastguard and an uncanny knack of knowing when best to make a run for it.

“Don’t get your knickers in a twist matey, it’s just a bit of fun”.

That’s the Four Stooges; they’re just having a laugh.


The Four Stooges, seen here at Lyme Regis, are, from left to right: E17 (JBP), E509 (Spanish Eyes III), BM20 (Slippery Dick) and E2 (Grey Mist).

Usual caveats etc.


This is rather odd: I am thoroughly thrilled by the front of E509. The shape of the bow, the position of the cabin, the tones of the paint, the 'flying W' graphic on the prow, even, and especially, the angle at which she rests. And it is this last, the angle, that sets my imagination racing. I cannot adequately describe the pictures it creates in my mind - wild Scottish Lochs, adventurous chases, war-time intrigue etc. but it is all utterly, utterly thrilling... Nurse! My tablets please! Quickly!
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