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Banded Rail ( Rallus phillipensis )

This last weekend I was back at Matua in Tauranga photographing Rail as the Tauranga Council are decimating the small habitat there under the guise of "restoration" which really is a clandestine way of building yet another walkway through diminishing wetland habitat..
They claim it does not harm the wildlife there and this is supported by local DOC and Forest & Bird yet it obviously does. People running, cycling with dogs etc cab hardly be beneficial to secretive birds trying to nest or go about their business of life... I have noticed quite a reduction in Rail numbers since the large scale herbiciding and clearance of vegetation has begun....Much of the native vegetation has also been killed by this heavy handed approach...
I also watched in amazement at a large dog unrestrained running up and down the estuary chasing birds, when I approached the owner and asked why this was allowed ,I was told with a annoyed tone, "Oh it never catches anything"...
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  • Taken: Aug 13, 2017
  • Uploaded: Aug 14, 2017
  • Updated: Jul 28, 2018