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Christine Lynch / 160 items

B&W in 2021
19 photos

Uncle Kahn & Etta 2021
30 photos

Etta is 6!
125 photos
from 14/11/2020

Kahn is 7
147 photos
from 25/9/2020

Boambee Bay Resort
378 photos
One week Holiday on the NSW coast, Coffs Harbour.

46 photos

B&W in 2020
78 photos

Uncle Kahn & Etta 2020
270 photos

Etta is 5!
499 photos

Kahn is 6
323 photos
Kahn (Vineen bronze Warrior) from 25 September 2019

Family from July 2019
981 photos
Starting a new album with the birth of Zane, eighth Grandchild and third Grandson :))

68 photos
New South Wales Rail Museum +

B&W in 2019
230 photos

Uncle Kahn & Etta 2019
169 photos

372 photos
6 days in the north of Tasmania, near Devonport; with a day trip to Hobart for David's Graduation in Diploma of Family History from the University of Tasmania (UTAS) 16-22 December 2018

Etta is 4!
351 photos
Etta, white Boxer, from 14/11/18

Kahn is 5!
274 photos
Kahn; Vineen Bronze Warrior; beautiful brindle Boxer boy :)

355 photos
just an 8 day tour, but wonderful!

122 photos

B&W in 2018
259 photos

Uncle Kahn & Etta 2018
304 photos

145 photos

Australia V Honduras
10 photos
World Cup Qualifier Sydney Olympic Stadium 15/11/17

Lynch Long Lunch
24 photos
25/11/17 at Kylie and Steve's

Deckers in the Night
76 photos
Riding Double-Decker Buses from the Sydney Bus Museum 11/11/17

Etta is 3!
237 photos
14th November 2017

Backyard Birds
586 photos
in our backyard; Hazelbrook, Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Sydney FC V Wellington Phoenix
21 photos

Henrietta & Orson Wednesday
493 photos

19 photos
2nd leg World Cup Asia Play-off

6 legs
362 photos

Beetles & Cicadas
213 photos

Australian Native plants in our garden
444 photos

Flannel Flower
147 photos
a special flower (Actinotus helianthi)

Cactus & Succulents
92 photos

Kahn is 4!
222 photos
Kahn, Vineen Bronze Warrior, beautiful Brindle Boxer boy! from 25th September 2017

Neighbours' Gardens
264 photos

Vines, their flowers and fruit
69 photos

182 photos
from garden and bush

Photos by Granddaughters
9 photos
mostly to show them their photos

Arsenal V Sydney FC
22 photos
Homebush N.S.W. Australia

Grandchildren & Family
740 photos
Family; now including 7 Grandchildren! to July '19 when it became 8

At Kath's
44 photos
1 July 2017

Family History
115 photos
Gosper ancestors at St. Matthew's Windsor N.S.W.; St. Thomas' Mulgoa N.S.W. Australia

Henrietta in Sydney
43 photos
Hyde Park Barracks & more, Sydney N.S.W. Australia

Birthdays at Mount Annan Gardens
54 photos
Celebrating Rachael's, Phil's and David's Birthdays Australian Botanic Gardens Mount Annan N.S.W. Australia

Fungi Lichen +
195 photos

Changi Airport Singapore
65 photos

Sydney Royal Easter Show
193 photos
Henrietta at the Easter Show 2017 and 2018 + 2015 and 2016

36 photos
a day in Brisbane on our 2 week cruise on Ovation of the Seas (Sydney to Singapore). 22nd Feb. 2017

Singapore Zoos
234 photos
River Safari, Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Zoo

119 photos
just a week in Singapore; March 2017

Kuala Lumpur
36 photos
a day in Kuala Lumpur

59 photos
a day in Darwin while on our cruise from Sydney to Singapore on Ovation of the Seas

Ovation of the Seas
131 photos
Our 1st cruise! 2 weeks: Sydney to Singapore with stops in Brisbane, Darwin and Kuala Lumpur. Feb. Mar. 2017

Uncle Kahn & Etta 2017
316 photos

Moths Butterflies Caterpillars
216 photos

Etta is 2
277 photos
from Etta's 2nd Birthday on Monday 14th November 2016

95 photos
ACT Australia. Just a day in the National Capital.

58 photos
'Must Love Dogs' B&B Rutherglen Victoria Australia Nov. 2016

Yarra Valley
223 photos
a week in Healesville Yarra Valley Victoria Australia. Oct/Nov 2016

55 photos
Thursday 27th October 2016. A day in Melbourne at a Dog Park and St. Kilda.

131 photos
outback N.S.W. October 2016

Henrietta Wednesday
154 photos
Grandparent duties on Wednesdays :)

249 photos

Kahn is 3
173 photos
Kahn (Vineen Bronze Warrior) from his 3rd Birthday on 25/9/16

Merroo Church Camp
64 photos
26-28th August 2016

local bush
1490 photos

Nepean River and Penrith
109 photos
Birds, the Nepean River and European Autocare. Penrith, N.S.W. Australia

Taronga Zoo
473 photos
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

65 photos

Great Ocean Road
4 photos

9 photos

112 photos
It's a bit random!

Seniors Week
15 photos
Premier's Gala Concert Homebush N.S.W. Seniors Week April 2016

At Dan's Football
222 photos
family, dogs and other things at Dan's Football matches; Autumn/Winter 2016, 17, 18

51 photos

Birds in The Blue Mountains
346 photos
birds in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia (but not our yard ... they have a separate album: Backyard Birds)

In our Garden
645 photos
introduced or non-native plants plus other 'visitors' (bugs, frogs, animals, etc.)

Spiders and webs
339 photos

50 photos
Scottish Art Gallery Greats at the Art Gallery of New South Wales 13/2/16

Up Up And Away
155 photos
Balloon Aloft Camden Valley 6th Feb 2016

Lawson Dog Park-2016
965 photos
lots of doggie friends

Lizards Frogs Snakes
130 photos

154 photos

Uncle Kahn and Etta from Nov. '15
494 photos

Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
42 photos
MAAS 28/11/15

Art of the Brick, DC Comics
52 photos
Powerhouse MAAS, Sydney 28/11/15

Etta is One!
331 photos
from 14th November 2015

Roma Street Parklands
41 photos
October 2015

143 photos
October 2015

People Pictures
26 photos

326 photos
Holiday on Morton Bay Island October 2015

Silver beach
46 photos
Dave's 55th Birthday

Kahn 2 Vineen Bronze Warrior
166 photos
2 Years Old

45 photos

Australian Native Flowers and Plants
491 photos
Local, garden and elsewhere

Still Life; Dead Pose
622 photos

B&W in USA
110 photos
August-October 2013

Doggie B&W
335 photos
Black and White/ Sepia/ Selective colour

Family B&W Sepia
234 photos

California Zephyr
32 photos
Chicago to San Francisco September 2013

New York to Chicago
16 photos
Lake Shore Limited from NY to Chicago; September 2013

Brian, The Flash, Granddog
170 photos
our Granddaughters' Dachshund DOB: 24/7/11

Etta:- enigmatic, enthusiastic, excitable, extreme
407 photos
Etta (short for Henrietta) our White Boxer puppy DOB:- 14/11/14 8weeks to 8months

Kahn:- Vineen Bronze Warrior
221 photos
Beautiful Boxer Boy DOB: 25/9/13

Aquaruim Fish
39 photos
our fish

Animals in USA
45 photos
Aug-Oct 2013

Chelsea in Sydney
21 photos
Chelsea training session at ANZ Stadium, Sydney Australia; 1st June 2015

Featherdale Wildlife Park
154 photos
Keira's 7th Birthday outing

Australia V Korea Republic
60 photos
Australia2-KoreaRep1; Asian Cup Final, Sydney, Australia

KoreaRep V Iraq
21 photos
Asian Cup Semi Final, Sydney, Australia Korea Rep 2- Iraq 0

Japan V UAE
26 photos
Asian Cup Quarter Final, Sydney, Australia 1-1 after Extra Time; 4-5 in Penalty Shoot-out

Qatar V Bahrain
20 photos
1-2 Asian Cup, Sydney, Australia

Oman V Australia
10 photos
Asian Cup Group Game; Sydney Oman 0 V Australia 4

Uzbekistan V DPR Korea
14 photos
Asian Cup Group Game1-0 Sydney

Action Dogs
262 photos
Hugo, Lucy, Reba, Kahn, Etta and friends; Home, Dog Park and Dog Beach

75 photos
including Woodford Academy, Woodford Memorial Park Footbridge, Woodford Railway and Memorial Park, 20 Mile Hollow Cafe, Mountains Shed, Great Western Highway, Woodford, N.S.W. Australia

Mum's 81st Birthday Celebration
27 photos
Family & 4 dogs at Hazelbrook

Landscapes And Cityscapes
229 photos
city, town

Lawson Dog Park 2015
1726 photos
Kahn, Etta and lots of friends at Lawson Dog Park (old Golf Course)

40th Wedding Anniversary Party
166 photos

Hazelbrook and Blue Mountains
714 photos
home; Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

Kahn & Etta
349 photos
our 2 Boxers from Jan '15

Flowers, Trees, etc.
415 photos

Transport, Trains, Trams, Cable Cars
71 photos
San Francisco Cable Cars September 2013 Trains, Trams, Cars, Cable Cars, etc.

Bugs in USA
16 photos

Black & White
131 photos
Black and White; Sepia; Selective colour

Birds in Australia
366 photos

Birds in USA
53 photos
Aug., Sept., Oct. 2013

Reba & Kahn
27 photos
our beautiful Boxers

California Coast
9 photos
October 2013

Stockton, California
9 photos
a beautiful sunset October 2013

Kings Canyon
17 photos
Sequoias Sept/Oct 2013

12 photos
September 2013

Nevada to California
7 photos
over the mountains towards Yosemite September 2013

Route 66 & Las Vegas
16 photos
David drove some of Route 66. Vegas for Cirque Du Soleil's The Beatles Love. September 2013

Grand Canyon
22 photos
September 2013

Mesa Verde, Aztec & 4 Corners
13 photos
September 2013

13 photos
Negro Bill Canyon, Arches National Park September 2013

12 photos
September 2013

Grand Teton
5 photos
September 2013

Yellowstone National Park
33 photos
September 2013

San Francisco
40 photos
September 2013

New York & New Jersey
38 photos
Staying in New Jersey within sight of NY & the Statue of Liberty September 2013

Cape Cod
7 photos
September 2013

Winter Island & Boston
56 photos
September 2013

Washington DC & Philadelphia
40 photos
August 2013

Howell Woods, Raleigh & Savannah
18 photos
birds+ August 2013

Disney World, Florida
17 photos
August 2013

Universal Studios, Florida
5 photos
August 2013

The Everglades, Florida
28 photos
August 2013

Madeira Beach, Florida
12 photos
August 2013

New Orleans
44 photos
August 2013

46 photos
August 2013

bugs +
321 photos
insects, snails, slugs, etc.

Dogs and other Pets
23 photos

Hunter Valley
114 photos
N.S.W. Australia (at various times)

Old Family Favourites
97 photos
David, Caity, Kiri, Dan, Jen, Josh, Ashlee, Mum, Kath, plus Hugo, Brian

Hugo & Lucy
124 photos
2003-2013 favourites of Lucy and Hugo; Beagle Lucy DOB 2/7/03 White Boxer Hugo DOB 26/7/03