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68 items

iPhone X
35 photos, 2 videos

California Trip February 2019
40 photos

106 photos

Texas Travels
25 photos

The Beauty of Bridges
255 photos

A Peek at Pittsburgh
64 photos
The steel city in Western Pennsylvania

True Blue
123 photos
Not sunset, not night, but that magical time when the sky is a special shade of blue is one amazing time to be out with a camera!

Long Exposures
786 photos
There's just something I really enjoy about using my tripod and getting a long exposure image! Sometimes, a long exposure is necessary because of low light. On other occasions, I desire a long...

Samsung Galaxy S7
3 photos

St. Thomas
66 photos

California trip December 2017
30 photos

Las Vegas
75 photos, 1 video

24 photos, 1 video

77 photos

California Trip February 2017
45 photos
First trip to California with Wanda!

Turkey Run State Park
11 photos

Captivating Cleveland
54 photos
Images from Cleveland and the surrounding area

Explored Photos
11 photos
I don't really understand how Explore works, and why these pics are in, but be that as it may, this is my contribution to Flickr's Explore.

85 photos

California Trip December 2015
26 photos
Includes photos from Orange and Ventura Counties.

Cruisin' through Connecticut
268 photos

Samsung Galaxy S6
42 photos, 2 videos

Michigan's UP
23 photos
A weekend trip to Michigan's upper peninsula, including Tahquamenon Falls State Park and Whitefish Point

California trip 2015 - June
26 photos

High Dynamic Range
955 photos
Utilizing HDR has been a lot of fun for me. My goal is to attempt to make the scene as natural as possible - more like what I remember seeing when I was at the location. Photos taken with my...

Chain O' Lakes State Park
14 photos

McCormick's Creek State Park
12 photos

Holland, Michigan
21 photos
Holland is a small city on the coast of Lake Michigan. One of it's attractions is a tulip festival each spring. There are over 6 million tulips planted in the city! My trip this year was about a...

Pokagon State Park
15 photos
My first visit to this park in early April 2015 was great! A 9+ mile hike around the park gave me a chance to see most of what's there to see. An added plus was a beautiful blue sky with white...

Nikon D5300
1580 photos
This is my first DSLR camera, and it has been fun to see what I can capture with it. While it's not a professional level camera, it's far better than anything I was using before.

California trip 2014
54 photos
Hard to beat Southern California in December!

Kokiwanee Nature Preserve and vicinity
19 photos

Autumn Colors
315 photos
Every season has it's moments, but it's hard to beat fall.

Cataract Falls
52 photos
For more information on these beautiful falls, see: www.cataractfalls.com/

Beaches of Lake Michigan
190 photos, 1 video

Muskegon River and Vicinity
88 photos
A drive up into Michigan was rewarded with some amazing fall colors. While there, photos were taken on the Hardy Dam Rustic Nature Trail (...

Goshen Dam Pond and Millrace Trail
146 photos

Potato Creek State Park
14 photos

Manistee River
65 photos
Located in the northwestern part of lower Michigan, the Manistee River Trail and the North Country Trail follow the river for about 10 miles. The river runs free here, and there surrounding forest...

Hawaii 2014
177 photos, 2 videos
This was a solo visit 1-week visit to Hawaii. The purpose of the trip was to attend a conference (which I actually did attend!). This limited my explorations for the first four days for the trip to...

Interesting Architechture
175 photos

Critters of All Kinds
163 photos, 3 videos

Night Photography
205 photos

HTC Thunderbolt
18 photos

Olympus C4100Z
55 photos

Nikon Coolpix AW100
521 photos, 3 videos

Canon Powershot SX10 IS
683 photos

Samsung Galaxy S3
207 photos, 1 video
Pictures taken with my Samsung smartphone

7 photos
Pictures of the best dog ever!

Waterfalls, etc
317 photos
Waterfalls and falling water from all over

Bonneyville Mill County Park
163 photos

Pumpkinvine Nature Trail
41 photos
A fantastic to place to walk or bike ride! pumpkinvine.org/

Boot Lake Nature Preserve
101 photos, 1 video
Pictures taken at Boot Lake Nature Preserve, just north of Elkhart, Indiana.

42 photos
Every now and then, I end up in a picture posted here.

In the Desert
83 photos, 1 video

Niagara Falls
19 photos

Pure Michigan
446 photos, 1 video

Hawaii 2011
47 photos

Puerto Rico
101 photos

Dominican Republic
33 photos

The Golden State of California
242 photos, 2 videos

For the Birds
59 photos, 1 video

322 photos

Up in the Mountains
79 photos

Under the Sea
81 photos

Snow and Ice
294 photos, 1 video

At the beach
572 photos, 4 videos

Sunrises and Sunsets
717 photos, 4 videos