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User / © Lucie Debelkova / www.luciedebelkova.com / UAE - Veins of Dubai from 68th floor - Sheikh Zayed Road & Emirates Towers
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In Dubai, E 11 is known as "Sheikh Zayed Road" (in Arabic: شارع الشيخ زايد). It is the longest road in the UAE, it streches from the city of Abu Dhabi and ends in Ras Al Khaimah, running roughly parallel to UAE's coastline along the Persian Gulf. The road forms the main artery in some emirates' main cities, where it assumes various alternate names — Sheikh Maktoum Road in Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, and Sheikh Muhammed bin Salem Road in Ras Al Khaimah.

This photo was taken during photoshoot with Daniel (thank you for that). We arranged to go to 68th floor of one of the highest unfinished buildings on the Sheikh Zayed Road. It was scary and fun at the same time. I thought it is brilliant idea and since then I managed to somehow get to several unfinished buildings in Saudi Arabia and here in Kuwait.

PENTAX K20D, f/16.0, 30 sec, ISO 100, 12 mm

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  • Taken: Feb 4, 2009
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