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Blount Springs is the site of one of Alabama's most posh spas/health resorts of the 1800s and early 1900s.

On the property are several natural sulfur (red & white), lithium and arsenic springs. The waters are rich with limestone and chalybeate as well; the distinct scent of sulfur is strong and noticeable.

By the end of 1825, many socialites from Huntsville and Birmingham had discovered the area, and it flourished until 1828 when J.H. Harris and J. Perrine purchased the Blount Springs property. They built several cottages, cleaned the springs, and advertised their establishment as “the most comfortable and pleasant resort to all those who may visit it in the pursuit of either health or amusement.”

By 1888, the summer population reached into the thousands and there were more than 100 homes. Blount Springs had become one of the foremost resorts in the South.

Tragedy hit the resort in 1915 as a fire (reminiscent of the Chicago, Oakland and San Francisco fires) destroyed two main hotels and several area homes, cottages and businesses, sadly bringing the early days of Blount Springs to an end.

When the resort was still in operation, water from the springs was sold in blue glass bottles. Shards of these bottles fill the soil near the foundations of the resort, and are said to bring good luck.

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