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10 photos
Thank you, flickr, for featuring my photos!

Long Exposure
15 photos
Long exposure photography (either just night photography, or daytime photography using filters)

Olympus 12-40 2.8 PRO
70 photos

Walimex/Rokinon 7.5mm Fisheye
4 photos

Olympus 60mm 2.8 Macro
2 photos

Places - Dresden
83 photos
My beautiful home town.

Places - Saxony
16 photos

Places - Baltic Sea
5 photos

Places – Baden-Württemberg
3 photos

Places - Laggo Maggiore
9 photos

Places - Croatia
3 photos

Places - Norway
11 photos

Places - Marbach am Neckar
18 photos
My current hometown (as of December 2012), situated in the southwest of Germany, about 20km north of Stuttgart.

Places - Hamburg
1 photo

Paris Day 1
9 photos

Paris Day 2
15 photos

5 photos

5 photos

Olympus M. 9-18mm f4.0-5.6
6 photos

Olympus M. 12-50mm f3.5-6.3
6 photos

Olympus 17mm f1.8
11 photos

LUMIX G 20/F1.7
1 photo

LUMIX G VARIO 14-42/F3.5-5.6
2 photos

SIGMA 30mm F2.8 EX DN
20 photos

Lumix G Vario 45-150 f4.0-5.6
22 photos

People - Bruce Boxleitner
14 photos
Photos of actor Bruce Boxleitner (Babylon 5, Tron) taken during his solo panel at FedCon XVII in Bonn, Germany (2008).

People - Scott Bakula
13 photos
Actor Scott Bakula of Quantum Leap and Enterprise on stage at FedCon XVIII in Bonn, Germany.

People - Peter Jurasik
15 photos
Actor Peter Jurasik of Babylon 5 during FedCon XVII in Bonn, Germany. Not just a very pleasant person and entertaining stage personality, he also talked about his friend Andreas Katsular (G'Kar in...

People - BSG Mary McDonnell & Jamie Bamber
10 photos
Actress and Academy Award winner Mary McDonnell (Battlestar Galactica, Dances with Wolves) and actor Jamie Bamber (BSG) on stage at FedCon XVII in Bonn, Germany.

People - Edward James Olmos
7 photos

People - Michael Shanks
4 photos
Actor Michael Shanks of the tv show Stargate on stage at FedCon XVII in Bonn, Germany.

iPhone only
2 photos