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Kees Kort / 30 items

Netherlands aviation
19 photos

Fokker Spider / Spinne exhibited in the Aviodrome...
8 photos
All pictures taken during a visit to the museum on 15 July 2007. The hall where the Spider was hanging from the ceiling was rather dark and photographing was limited by the available space. This is...

Alberto Santos-Dumont
13 photos

Air fields
4 photos

Antoinette monoplane
44 photos
As so many pictures were taken of the beautiful Antoinette monoplanes it sure merits to make a separate Set.

Austro-hungarian aviation
46 photos

BAT FK-23 at Rijks Museum
24 photos
The single seat fighter BAT FK-23 designed by Frits Koolhoven exhibited in the Rijks Museum (Amsterdam). The machine is exhibited in 1900-1950 part of the collection on Floor 3.

Belgian aviation
14 photos
Principally the aviation efforts of Belgium before August 1914

58 photos

121 photos

Exposition Internationale de locomotion aérienne
55 photos
This album covers the years before the Great War of what is commonly identified as the Paris salon.

156 photos
For the time being Maurice Farman and Henry Farman combined

French aviation
818 photos
Everything in the broadest sense about French aviation

German early aeroplanes
720 photos
Scans from pictures in my collection

Glass plate negatives and (normal) negatives
65 photos
Scans of original period glass plate negatives and negatives

Gotha Taube in Paris
14 photos
Views of the Gotha LE 3 which was exposited on a war booty exposition in Paris

Goupy aeroplanes
20 photos

Italian aviation
66 photos

Japanese aviation
9 photos

11 photos
In the years before the start of world war 1 the French chocolate firm Lefèvre-Utile published a set of probably 11 coloured cards on flight. The colour drawings on these cards were specially...

The Lebaudy-Julliot 'Le jaune' dirigible flight...
16 photos
The card series produced by ND Phot amounted to 30 cards

'La ville de Paris' at Sartrouville
11 photos
On 9 August 1907 the new dirigible of Henry Deutsch de la Meurthe made its first flight around the field at Sartrouville. Lots of photographers were present to photograph the event. The most...

Non-aviation pictures
13 photos

Photographer monoplane background
47 photos
An unknown French photographer used an old monoplane for his pictures of people. Every separate shot was identified by a number attached to the side of the fuselage.

Roger Sommer the man and his aeroplanes
23 photos
Roger Sommer was before the war one of the successful early aviators. After his flying career he concentrated on producing his own designs which were hugely successful before the war. The Sommer...

28 photos
This Album contains pictures of aeroplanes not yet identified

United Kingdom aviation
80 photos

USA aviation
55 photos
Devoted to all aspects of early US aviation

Voisin biplanes
168 photos
Pictures of aeroplanes built by the Voisin brothers

269 photos
Everything together with flying boats - floatplanes - hydro - hydroaéroplane - hydravion - Wasserflugzeug etc.