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Toshihiro Oshima / 108 items

2 photos

5 photos

2016-2017 Winter
6 photos

2016 Autumn
4 photos

2016 Summer
1 video

2016 Spring
6 photos, 1 video

Theta VR
1 photo
Collection of Images in 360 VR using Ricoh Theta S camera

83 photos, 5 videos
all the photos/videos which is Explored on Flickr. Now i've put only the 88 items among all the explored stuff. More to come soon

Summer 2015
2 videos

Spring 2015
5 photos
Images since March 2015

Book Covers and CD Art Works
8 photos
series of my photos used on Novels and Music CD

Winter 2014 - 2015
1 video

Autumn 2014
2 photos
series of Photos taken after October 19th, 2014

Summer 2014
8 photos
Photos, taken and posted after July 1st of 2014

Toy Camera Collections
211 photos
Collections of the Toy Camera Photography from my own past to present. Including....LOMO LC-A, HOLGA 120, HOLGA 135, DIANA, HOLGA Lens etc etc

4 photos
a new series with the model Ayumi Watanabe

7 photos
or: Spring & Ashura New series of photography for a group photo exhibition taking place in Firenze, Toscana, Italy starting June 21st at Gallery La Barbagianna. The photo exhibition is a part...

24 photos, 1 video
a journey to the Vostok

Spring 2014
14 photos, 1 video
Photos taken starting March 29th

Winter 2013-2014
7 photos, 1 video
Winter sessions starting from December 13th, Friday.

Popularity Rank
195 photos, 3 videos
Here are the most faved 200 Photographs from my own Photostream. Will be Updated Time to Time.(last updated 2017 May 8th / PM14:15 JST)

2013 Autumn
4 photos
Photographs taken after October, 2013

2013 Summer
5 photos

Remain in Lights
23 photos
My own personal tribute to the DOJUNKAI Apartment, which were one of the first Apartment Houses constructed in the 1920's to 1930's. Details can be discovered here on...

2013 Spring
5 photos

2012 - 2013 Winter
9 photos, 2 videos
series of images taken after December 1st, 2012

2012 Autumn
25 photos, 2 videos
Photographs, shot from October 1st, 2012

Polaroid SX-70
14 photos
Images taken with Polaroid SX-70, mostly with the Impossible Project films but some of them with the original Polaroid films.

2012 Summer
4 photos
Photos taken after July, 2012

2012 Spring
10 photos
Stream of Images I've taken after April 2012

2011 - 2012 Winter
31 photos
Images taken after the Christmas Time of 2011

life in the big apple
27 photos
My trip to the Big Apple from January 3rd - 8th 2012

2011 Autumn
13 photos
Photos taken after 2011, October 5th RIP, SJ

CITYPULSE:Made for Japan
8 photos
MADE FOR JAPAN is a project by Citypulse, conducted by Toshihiro Oshima and aimed to help the Japanese people to heal their wounds. It is composed by 12 Volumes created by 11 artists, 9 of them...

2011 Summer
25 photos
*Photos taken after JULY 2011,during the Summertime

2011 Spring
27 photos
a New Set starting on April 6th, 2011 almost 3 weeks after the Disaster.

11 photos
a small compilation from the series "mirage" , which I kept brewing for a possible exhibition which didn't happen in 2010

2010-2011 Winter
14 photos
Winter shots starting on December 21st 2010

2010 Autumn
11 photos

Technicolor Days
6 photos
"family album" is the basics of any photographs. Here I am starting to collect some images "mostly not by myself" but by my Father.

2010 Summer
19 photos, 1 video

2010 Spring
24 photos, 2 videos
series of images taken after March 27, 2010 until the Summer arrival

11 photos, 1 video

141 photos
a new set inspired by the group Rückenfigur, created by memetic the series of the image here represents the Backsights(or Backfigure) of the people from my entire past photos. I'm sure it turned...

2009-2010 Winter
52 photos, 3 videos
Winter series starting November 15, 2009

2009 Autumn
49 photos
Photos since September 9th 2009

when the wind blows
35 photos
a series of images from the small journey to Scandinavia, from July 29th - August 7th, 2009

2009 Summer
49 photos
Photos from July 7th until September 9th 2009

Mes nuits sont plus belles que vos jours
98 photos
My nights are more beautiful than your days 私の夜はあなたの昼よりも美しい Basically, a Collection of my own IR(Infrared) Photography Film that I am using are..... EFKE IR820 EFKE...

21 photos
model:Marie Yasunaga Location:Kamakura

My Own Private Holgagraphy
86 photos
Some bits and pieces of the image from my HOLGA Camera

The Absinthe Dream
35 photos, 1 video
@Melbourne, Australia March 13th - 22nd, 2009

Midnight Express
24 photos
4 days and nights in Saigon March 17-20, 2009

40 photos
Series of image from the show "TANATOS - APOCRYPHA" in October 17th - 20th @ Art Gallery Fujihara, OSAKA 5 Photos from the Exhibition and a series of photos from the Book that I compiled,...

2009 Spring
68 photos, 1 video
Images start taken from March 30th 2009 during the springtime

2008-2009 Winter
68 photos, 1 video
Collection of my own Images starting November 17th 2008

2008 Autumn
56 photos
Images taken during the Autumn season of 2008, starting from September 15th

36 photos
in memory of Simon

Black and White Photogaphy
663 photos
...some images from my own Black and White Photography

2008 Summer
48 photos
A collection of the image starting from June 1st 2008

The Most Interesting 100
99 photos, 1 video
Now I decided to use this Automatic Set Generating feature, which will keep managing the latest Updates automatically:) Set automatically created by dopiaza's set generator on 9th January 2018 at...

2008 Spring
108 photos
New Series of shots starting March 24th 2008

138 photos
a series of image from my inspirations of "signifiant" and ”signifié” Semiotics on Wikipedia

the untitled / enigma / secret life. compilation
33 photos
the series of snaps in Monochrome All shot in Winter of 2008

2007-2008 Winter
158 photos
Images taken from November 30th 2007 during the winter

2007 Autumn
43 photos
All new series of shots taken since September 15th ~

2007 Summer
116 photos
Shots taken since June,2007 and later

Pagan Poetry
23 photos
A New Series of work collaborating with one of the most inspiring model, Misa. It's been 2 years since we had the session last time. model : misa itoi She is also a Photographer herself:)

28 photos
A small record of the journey to the place where I spent my Teenage days. It's also a journey back in 30 years of the remnant of my own memory. Recollection of the segment of life which is 30 light...

meditating Kamera
9 photos
*this is a small series of the project of the portraits of Photographers.

Photo Exhibition[Chiaro-Oscuro]
17 photos
Snapshots taken during my first solo exhibition [Chiaro - Oscuro] 2007 October 8th - 25th in nagune

Anima & Animus
27 photos, 1 video
a small experimental collection of images regarding the Human Forms and Nature.

2007 Spring
152 photos
Shots taken since March 10,2007 and later

100 photos
Set automatically created by dopiaza's set generator on 9th January 2018 at 9:08am UTC

Kingdom of Heaven
32 photos
a short journey to the island of World Heritage " Yakushima " 屋久島

2006-2007 Winter
133 photos

Large Format Photography
106 photos
This is just a new territory on my photographic history, going on to the Large Format. All the images collected here will be taken by Polaroid Pathfinder 110B:Custom Back(4x5) or Anniversary Speed...

28 photos

2006 Autumn
124 photos
Photos taken since September 2006

Radiant Flux
31 photos
Series of shots collaborated with Kinako.

Lagrangian Points
7 photos
The Lagrangian points (pronounced [ləˈgɹɒn.dʒi.ən] or [laˈgʀɑ̃.ʒjɑ̃]); also Lagrange point, L-point, or libration point), are the five positions in interplanetary space where a small...

29 photos
The whole new set of images using Hasselblad XPAN-II with the 45mm f4 lens. Thank you nino77 for your kindness to let me use this wonderful Camera!

¿Qué es más macho?
17 photos
:) I know it's a rediculous QUESTION to ask which one is more Macho! hehe, I just needed a twisted title for this HALF-FRAME series, and I took this sentence "¿Qué es más macho?" from...

87 photos

100 photos
Series of Image taken after May 1st of 2006

Winter 2005 to 2006
68 photos

Hassie VS Exakta66
5 photos
*Here I prepared some shots to compare the potential of Schneider Xenotar MF 80mm f2.8 on Exakta66, versus Carl Zeiss Planar CF 80mm f2.8. Each shots have been lined up Randomely, so not all the...

Journey to Glasgow
42 photos
2006, March 25th to 30th, I flyed to Glasgow/Scotland as a Special Effects Supervisor on a TV advertising spot. Most of the time, I couldn't get out of the shooting location, so these are the few...

Shanghai 2006 Spring : CODE 46
124 photos
Images and Visions from my Trip to Shanghai from March 3rd to 10th, 2006

Motion Pictures
22 videos
a small set for the upcoming possible "Motion Picture" shots.....

衣錦夜行記 .... La Vie Fashion Catalogue
24 photos
This set is Collection of the Image from the Official Fashion Catalogue of one of the most outstanding Designer's Brand from Shanghai, CHINA. Produced & Directed by Jenny Ji Art Direction...

10 photos

16 photos
The whole set of "contact" series. Model:MISA

9 photos
Series of Shots from an Abstract Modern Ballet Show

Memories of Shanghai 2005
119 photos
Images during my trip to Shanghai China 2005 July and September

33 photos
The whole set of the "silencio" series. Model:MISA

memories of green
13 photos
Images from the "Memories of Green" series

113 photos
The collections from my Lomography

459 photos, 1 video
people portraits collection

1992 Spain
64 photos
the Photographs from my Journey to Spain in 1992 All shots are taken with Olympus OM 35mm SLR

Past Works
22 photos
Some images from my own Past

Tokyo 2005 Autumn
28 photos
the Images I've picked up from the Autumn in Tokyo

Skies and Landscapes
17 photos

Tokyo 2005 Summer
103 photos

Tokyo 2005 Spring
88 photos
Some images I've picked up from the Springtime of my Local Area...TOKYO

17 photos
Some collections from my Panoramic Photography

Group Exhibit Show [Se7en]
4 photos
Images collected from the Preperation of my first Exhibition with 6 other members.

Memories of China
16 photos
Photographic Memories from China