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User / Stormdrane / 1 Sep 2017, Friday afternoon pocket dump
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September 1, 2017 Friday afternoon pocket dump:

Plain/basic velcro wallet with 3" nametape added (wallet received as xmas present 15+ years ago ($5 est value when new), nametape bought 4 years ago ($3 est value)

Citizen Promaster watch with compass on 4-ring ZULU watchband (purchased on sale/clearance 15+ years ago ($125 est value when new)

Samsung Rugby II cell phone (used off ebay $14)

Leatherman Juice Pro multitool with paracord wrist lanyard (purchased new in 2004 ($50 est value when new)

bandana/handkerchief ( $1 est value)

keyring with truck/house keys, True Utility KeyTool ($7), medic alert/ID tag ($10), Fenix E15 LED flashlight (won on twitter giveaway), Shields of Strength cross shield pendant ($10) with gaucho interweave knot work (2-3 hours labor) and glow-in-the-dark mod

Condor Flex Fit cap with US flag and good luck fish hook clip ($15 est value)

Orange/navy blue sailor's knot bracelet (3 lead 14 bight Turk's head knot) Auburn University colors, War Eagle! (tied 7 years ago)

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  • Taken: Sep 1, 2017
  • Uploaded: Sep 1, 2017
  • Updated: Oct 4, 2017