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On the most westerly point of the Isle of Skye, Neist Point Lighthouse watches the wild seas.

Our visit to Skye coincided with a season where the UK was battered by a series of tropical hurricanes. While this meant that each hike was a more difficult affair, it also offered some unique photographic opportunities. With gusts of up to 90mph there were waterfalls that instead falling off cliffs into the sea instead were blown upwards into the sky and back onto land which was quite a sight to see. The same high winds also meant that heavy cloud cover could also be blown away to reveal blue sky and bright sunshine for seconds before being blown back again resulting in a view that was like watching a timelapse happening in real time.

It was during one of these days that this photo was made. In between hail storms the sky opened up to reveal the sunset happening above the dark clouds for less than a minute and this was what we saw. Taking it meant lying on my stomach in the wet grass so that Storm Henry wouldn't blow me over, but I think it was worth it.

Isle of Skye, Scottish Highlands, UK, 2016

Sony a7R Mark II with Samyang 14mm f/2.8
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  • Taken: Feb 2, 2016
  • Uploaded: Jul 31, 2017
  • Updated: Aug 5, 2017