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Dark City Deutschland
5 photos
This is part of a series called, "Dark City Deutschland" which is to explore the night world of Berlin. That world that comes about when you're all in bed, how the environment takes on a...

14 photos

Industry & Engineering
28 photos

Cafés & Coffee Shops
6 photos
This is my second collection series here on Flickr. Centred around my love for coffee and chilling out in Cafés and coffee shops.

16 photos

Theatre of Glass
9 photos
This is going to be my first photo series here on Flickr. Welcome to the "Theatre of Glass". I will be uploading more to this collection as time goes on.

About the House
36 photos

Insects, Animals & Wildlife
34 photos
Furred, feathered, four footed and bugs!

Parks & Places
18 photos
Oot & aboot!

Views & Distance
9 photos
I always love views, in fact, I prefer views from people to be honest! :)

Flowers & Plants
108 photos
I love up close shots of natural things, these are mine so far. Always admired the detail of Mother Nature.

102 photos
Looking for that Urban feel, night and day.