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Kawasumdo ཀ་བ་སུམ་མདོ་ county

Kawasumdo is the traditional name given to the grasslands in the bend of the Ma chu རྨ་ཆུ་ ( Yellow River) to the south of Mangra. As the name suggests, it lies at the junction of three main routes : northeast to Trika and Ziling, west to Tsigortang and Chabcha, and south to Tsekok and Machen. There are 14 monasteries in the county, 10 Gelukpa and 4 Nyingmapa. The county capital Kawasumdo (Ch Tongde) is in a sheltered defile. Area: 5.331 sq km. www.footprinttravelguides.com/c/2848/tibet/&Action=pr...
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  • Taken: Sep 21, 2018
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