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User / reurinkjan / The fireworks ceremony at Litang Gön, Tibet 2018
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Ganden Tupchen Chökhor Ling དགའ་ལྡན་ཐུབ་ཆེན་ཆོས་འཁོར་གླིང་།

Founding (1580) •Religious Sect > Geluk དགའ་ལྡན་ཐུབ་ཆེན་ཆོས་འཁོར་གླིང་། > dga' ldan thub chen chos 'khor gling > Ganden Tupchen Chökhor Ling > ལི་ཐང་དགོན། > li thang dgon > Litang Gön Litang Chode, also known as --

Ganden Tubchen Chokhorling, was founded in 1580 by the third Dalai Lama, and rebuilt recently in the aftermath of the Cultural Revolution, under the guidance of Litang Kyabgon Tulku Palden Dorje and Shodruk Tulku. The reconsecration was carried out in conjunction with the Litang Horse Festival in July 1996. Entering the main gate from the town, there are five main buildings within the precincts of the monastery. The assembly hall known as Jamchen Chokhorling and the Shakya Tubpa Podrang occupy the centre, to the left a large four storey Tsongkhapa Lhakhang and higher up the hill are the temples Serkhang Nyingba and Lhakhang Karpo. www.footprinttravelguides.com/c/2848/tibet/&Action=pr...
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  • Taken: Sep 8, 2018
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