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User / reurinkjan / The mountain range of Kawa Karpo, Tibet 2018
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Across the gorge as you approach Dechen from Tsakhalho and Hongsan, there are truly dramatic views of the Kawa Karpo glaciers. The astonishing main glacier of Mount5 Kawa Karpo deceives the eye, appearing to plunge downwards almost to the level of the Dza chu རྫ་ཆུ་ (Mekong) in the gorge below. This mighty watershed range has 13 snow peaks forming a north-south alignment. Among them, Mount Kawa Karpo, the highest, is 6740m, and to its north is Mount Dradul Wangchuk (6379m ). Immediately south of Kawa Karpo, there is a glacial protuberance known as Phakpa Neten Chudruk, and to its south Mount Pawo Pamo (6000 m),followed in succession by the spectacular five-peaked crown of Mount Gyelwa Riknga (5471 m), and two lesser peaks known as Chugen-je and Tsela Nyenpo. Kawa Karpo itself is conceived as a male protector deity and Men Tsunmo as the corresponding female consort. The range is an important focal point for pilgrimage, revered as one of the 25 important meditation sites associated with Padmasambhava in Kham and Amdo. Specifically, this mountain range symbolizesthe body- aspect of buddha-speech. In the past its sanctuaries and hermitages have been a stronghold of the Nyingmapa school. Vairocana gave teachings on Dzogchen to his followers at Tsawarong, to the northwest of the range; and there are branches of Katok Monastery in its environs. The most renowned figure in this lineage was Kawakarpowa Namka Gyatso who, with his teacher Khedrup Yeshe Gyeltsen, expounded the Katok lineage throughout this extreme southern region of Kham. www.footprinttravelguides.com/c/2848/tibet/&Action=pr...
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