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User / reurinkjan / Mount Dorje Ziltrom, Tibet 2018
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Trori Dorje Ziltrom ཁོ་ རི་རྡོ་ རྡོ་རྗེ་ ཟིལ་ ཁོམ་ 5.816m

Concealed valley of Rudam Kyitram, dominated to the southwest by the jagged snow peaks of Mount Dorje Ziltrom 5816 m. Enlightened Qualities Rudam Gangi Rawa (ru dam gangs kyi ra ba), aka Trori Dorje Ziltrom (kho ri rdo rje zil khom) above Dzogchen, is the main holy place of enlightened qualities. Its five aspects, all in the Derge district are: 1.Ngulda Podrang (body aspect) 2.Pema Shelpuk, above Dzongsar Monastery (speech aspect) 3.Tsadra Rinchen Drak, above Palpung Monastery (tsā 'dra rin chen brag) (mind aspect) 4.Dzongsho Deshek Dupa in Dzing ( 'dzings) (qualities aspect) 5.Dzamtok Puseng Namdrak (activity aspect) Above the valley in the Rudam Kangtro range are three sacred lakes, which can be reached in a single day`s trek. On this circuit, there is a meditation cave where Padmasambhava made medicinal myrobalan. www.footprinttravelguides.com/c/2848/tibet/&Action=pr...
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