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EXPLORED by Flickr
39 photos
If you care, here are my images that Flickr put on Explore. Don't ask me why. Arranged chronologically.

USA National Parks
84 photos
Bucket list item #2: Visit all 61 USA NPs with my son. 30 checked off so far.

2018 – Ten moments
10 photos
Ten moments from 2018 – a trying year by all means – when I was left breathless.

Elements – Earth
76 photos
Where eyes travel and the mind wonders.

Elements – Aether
61 photos
The quintessence that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere... and invites us to set ourselves free.

Elements – Water
68 photos
It flows freely, sustains life but sometimes freezes and evaporates... like our soul.

Elements – Fire
3 photos
The one that has the primordial power to consume, transform and convey.

Elements – Air
9 photos
The one that cannot be seen, only felt. Can you feel it in these photos?

3 photos
The world, as seen via light of wavelength 690nm or more, may not be everyone's cup of tea but nonetheless is fascinating in its own right.

Plants & Flowers
70 photos
Flowers are eternally beautiful; so are leaves... when the light and the mood are right.

Life Wild
41 photos
In the elements; life as it was supposed to be.

Birds: Moods & Portraits
90 photos
Birds are wonderful. They are docile yet wild; predictable and yet moody. Watching them is as engaging as watching a random attractive stranger across the street. Additional perks of bird watching...

Butterfly tales
19 photos
Every time I encounter a butterfly, I hear a story. Some I hear in full, some in part; some are their stories, some are mine... but there is always a story. Go on... catch a tale or two!

Born to be Airborne
74 photos
The beauty of an airborne living being is forever. I confess to being addicted to this beauty and seek it incessantly through my lens.