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N 13 B 1.0K C 9 E Apr 21, 2017 F Apr 24, 2017
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Glitter sticks from moving camera.

Hope you enjoy the image. Thanks for taking the time to pass by :)

Tags:   circle abstract intentional blur blue orange circular

N 23 B 1.7K C 23 E Jan 7, 2018 F Jan 7, 2018
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Crystal Vase.

Succumbing to Sliders Sunday’s slippery seduction once again this started out as a top-down view of a small crystal vase about 8cm high and 5cm wide.

I particularly liked the spiral vortex pattern in the glass when seen from this angle and set out to emphasise that with colour and line.

A lot of happy messing about ensued, with some useful learning taking place, especially with the many failed ideas I tried along the way :)

As usual for the Sliders Sunday group I am posting the original in camera shot in the first comment, so you can see how far the image came.

Charybdis was a sea monster that swallowed ships in Greek mythology, was probably a whirlpool in reality. Quite how a sea monster would have flames eludes me!

Thank you for taking time to look. I hope you enjoy the image. Happy Sliders Sunday!

[Tripod mount in candlelight (it was a trial for a Macro Mondays theme); delayed shutter. Processed in LR increasing saturation.
The bulk of the effect was produced by blending two layers generated from the original using Topaz Clarity and Topaz Simplify. The Simplify filter tends to produce art-like results that are too artificial for what I wanted here whereas the Clarity filter lacks impact. The idea was to try and blend the two for a better balance.
Clarity layer top blended with the Darker Colour blend mode at 100% opacity.
Filter layers to change the hue to get more yellow in the image and boost saturation. Levels to raise the black point and get rid of stray light bits.
Finally resized the canvas to balance the frame better and cropped out the original’s reflection.]

Tags:   crystal spin vortex HSS fire yellow Sliders Sunday rotation People Andrew Bruce iris eye round orange vase

N 20 B 942 C 21 E Nov 30, 2018 F Nov 30, 2018
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Woodland walk…

OK. I have decided that, when I’m not taking pictures of paeonies or Forest Pansies, I really like spending my time taking WOPI (*) images…

This is one such. Taken at Llanerchaeron House in Ceredigion (which I think I used to call Cardiganshire before it reverted to its original name) in Wales near where I was on holiday a couple of weeks back.

It's a National Trust house, a villa designed by John Nash that serves rather nice tea and cakes in the afternoon. No, not the house, the people in it :)

Not that you can see the house, or even that it is remotely relevant to the image: just nice a nice walk in the woods after torrential rain.

And then the sun came out...

And this image, for me anyway, really captures the feeling of the colours and the light of that damp afternoon. It’s a shame you can’t smell the freshness or sense the dripping quiet!

* Wobbly On Purpose Image. I so much prefer this to the rather clinical In-Camera Muddle acronym that doesn't convey the fun to be had at all! Just be grateful I didn’t title it WOPI 1 Can You Be?, instead, in homage to Star Wars :)

Thank you for taking time to look. I really hope you enjoy the image :)

[Hand wobbled in real sunshine, or at least something bright and yellow in the sky after days of medium, and dark, grey… yey!
Developed entirely in Capture One for the impression of colour and light after the rain…]

Tags:   Llanerchaeron path Ceredigion green WOPI ICM sun woods

N 32 B 2.6K C 33 E Apr 8, 2019 F Apr 8, 2019
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… Let Me Go.

Er… a bunch of keys.

Well this isn’t going to win any prizes is it? But an interesting experiment….

This is for the Macro Mondays group’s theme Look Up.

The way I interpreted the theme was that you needed to take an image of something you could only see from underneath. Most things I reckoned you could simply turn upside down and photograph from above, so they didn’t count.

And I didn't want to do anything organic because I thought that space would be well-filled by others.

What was left? Hmmm…

One possibility was things that orient themselves according to gravity, and so from underneath would present a particular arrangement or shape that you could only see from down there - like the bottom of a water-filled balloon for example, or a water droplet.

… Or a bunch of keys that hang in a particular arrangement depending on gravity.

So here we have it. A bunch of keys from underneath. It would take some effort and a lot of glue to get them lined up like this any other way.

Talk about overthink!!! I do make it hard for myself sometimes.

Most of the rest about this escapade is wrong, a case of wouldn’t start from here… ever again :) (That’s called learning I suppose :) ).

Some while later I was lying under a bunch of keys suspended from a clear plastic ruler (no the keys, not me [sighs]), pointing the camera upwards handheld, brightly lit sideways from the window in my study room at home.

And in walked my wife…

She smiled - “Have you had another relapse, Dear?” (Well, she didn’t actually say it out loud but I knew what she was thinking…)

So this is a focus stack of nineteen shots handheld (I'm not kidding) in very contrasty light. Just don’t, OK? Not ever….

Thank you for taking the time to look. I hope you enjoy the image with its wonderful focus-stacking artefacts, noise and lack of contrast because of the push-processing - all totally intentional of course [cough] :) Happy Macro Mondays!

Tags:   105mm f/2.8 focus stack Look Up nikon z 6 underneath keys #MacroMondays

N 37 B 4.0K C 28 E May 27, 2017 F May 29, 2017
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Dental floss dispenser.

I spent several days indulging in rather odd behaviour wandering around looking for hidden faces, or indeed hidden anything, within objects, all in pursuit of this week’s Macro Monday theme Pareidolia. I was looking for something in an everyday object that other folk could relate to rather than a natural one-off, but I didn’t see any of those either.

Could I find anything? It seemed like not. I kept thinking perhaps my brain wasn’t wired the right way.

I was beginning to think of giving this week a miss and my old friend Despair was just about to settle in comfortably again when I spotted this charming chap in my bathroom complete with goggles and fresh from his swim.

The container is two inches high and the “mouth” is an indentation so you can get your finger under the lid to open it (the dispenser is shown open here). I can’t help but think that this product was designed on a Friday afternoon when the designer had given up taking anything too seriously, especially design briefs…

I look forward to seeing what others have found in this rather strange search lol!

Hope you enjoy it and it causes a smile. Thanks for coming by and taking time to look.

[Daylight; tripod; delayed shutter release; VR off, manual focus.

The floor and the background were coloured A4 art paper sheets. It worked better with a lighter colour on the floor.

Darkroom developed in LR: exposure to accentuate the mouth shadows; colour temp raised to give the blue cast; square crop to strengthen the composition; very slight white vignette to lighten the background.
Generally sharpened in LR, but some selective additional sharpening using Topaz Detail, especially around the mask and the 50m label.]

Tags:   weird square cyan diver face swimmer water Macro Mondays sea blue underwater macro dental floss everyday object container Pareidolia sub aqua goggles