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N 240 B 3.6K C 41 E Jun 15, 2019 F Jun 20, 2019
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We are all stars in the moonlight
Dreams that are going and coming
Day of the days new and bright
Voices in winter evening humming

Life is a call and its many dreams
The flowers in bouquets on glowing
Magnet fields of passion schemes
Each on its go round and on going

Peter S. Quinn

Tags:   leaf green flower fern plant nature grass rain sitting abstract small apiaceae dof white water cat art botany laying moss organism bud flora macro photography sprout blur food garden vascular plant pollen color plant stem no person photography seasoning summer dill texture geranium wood coloring weed tree desktop cricket insect fly veins raspberry fruit vegetable MRTUNGSTEN62 Fr@nk dream dreamy drops stars dew stock photo album art cover art top-f100 top-f200 top-f250 top-f25 top-f50

N 227 B 7.8K C 37 E Jun 9, 2019 F Jun 18, 2019
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What's the point of a heart
if you can't feel
whats the point of this world
if nothing seems real
whats the point of good-bye
if its not for good
whats the point of trying
if you never could
why does tomorrow
comes so slow
why does life
feel so low
why can't you feel
all of this pain anymore
why can't you see
our hopes splattered on the floor
when does this dark
finally turn light
when do your hopes
finally go right

Rachel Hankins

Tags:   mrtungsten62 Fr@nk rec0309 europe The Netherlands landscape Sony 16mm cinematic field sky grass nature horizon cloud green sun light grassland sunlight tree summer rural soil farm natural landscape sunset background outdoors grassy sitting water scenery path colorful natural environment standing land wood cloudy dawn road red flare beautiful grazing color grass family blue plain flying countryside country morning air agriculture rain airport the way the lead the path choice impressionism interestingness interest art bridge moss leading point himmel ciel nuages wolken focus poem

N 459 B 10.1K C 88 E Jun 15, 2019 F Jun 17, 2019
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For many, red is the color of love. For others, it’s warmth.
For some, it’s aggression.
It’s passionate and demands attention. Science even now suggests that red is an important part of both male and female attraction.

For all the things that red is, it seems, one thing it is not is neutral.

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Tags:   mrtungsten62 Fr@nk rec0309 nature art dream cinematic artistic mysterious flora poppy flower grass field plant wheat seed no person vegetable corn poppy sitting food grass family bird produce cereal coquelicot standing grain plant stem white ecoregion holding agriculture organism man vegetation still life photography red pollen landscape flax wildflower group spider web farm adaptation spoke color stock photography agaric sun poppy family mushroom rural photography Sony A7Rm2 ILCE 7RM2 canon FDn 1.4/50mm bokeh pov dof dreamy soft focus water top-f25 top-f50 top-f100 top-f150 AAA interestingness interest top-f200

N 391 B 11.9K C 57 E Jun 10, 2019 F Jun 15, 2019
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At the end of that day

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Tags:   mrtungsten62 Fr@nk Canon 6D grass sky nature cloud field landscape plant sunset standing tree water weather winter sea grassland outdoor storm vegetable grain atmosphere clouds food dawn cloudy produce beach man vegetation sunlight view branch sheep grass family overlooking wheat light outdoors horizon flying beautiful walking cumulus photography air stock photography high desktop hill seed color germs agriculture art print pexels dramatic cinematic

N 320 B 8.5K C 42 E Jun 9, 2019 F Jun 15, 2019
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As I sat on a Kansas hilltop,
While, far away from my,
Rippled the lights and shadows
Dancing across acres of wheat,

The sound of the grain as it murmured
Wrought a wonder with me.
It turned from the voice of the Prairie
Into the roar of the sea.

And I saw not the running wind-waves,
But an ocean that washed below
In ridging and crumbling breakers
And ceaseless motion and flow;

Then, as a valley is flooded
With opaline mists at morn
Which momently flow asunder
And leave green spaces of corn

Harry Kemp

Artist impression :-)

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Tags:   wheat germ grain field nature mrtungsten62 Fr@nk Sony NEX 5 europe grass landscape sky grassland yellow plant wind sun weather sunset light outdoor atmospheric phenomenon man lawn prairie reed storm grass family water vegetable summer ecoregion food rural standing produce color green steppe snow vegetation outdoors farm meadow laying country plain wave fog riding fall painting large agropyron bird bakery health growth album art cover print book tender gentle pastel colors subtle art flaccueapp33 transluscent dream mystic tlpserendipity.wordpress.com blog