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Ripped between two worlds,
Pulled between two ages,
Fractured hearts and minds,
Compelled to choose,
Family & Friends,
Family culture & Western culture,
Study hard & muck around,
Good & bad,
Right & wrong,
Sex & chastity,
Drugs & clean,
Forced to choose & no adult explaining why,
No teacher pointing out the elephant bulging inside your skin,
Some turn towards their friends
And make their family bad & wrong,
Some turn towards their family,
And make their society bad, & wrong,
Far too many decades of mums & dads turning away,
Far too many decades of societies & authorities pretending it never was their responsibility,
But ripping, spinning, young adolescents left to their own devises,
Now have entered a whole new level of rebellion,
Guns in hand,
Hatred in hearts,
Expressing their own style of revenge,
Adults are now asking; how did this get so bad?

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I knew fear all my life for every corner that approached,
Fear haunted my dreams,
Wings dripping in dust and clay dragging me downwards
In ever falling spirals of pain,
Pulling me away from the very souls I loved and cherished,
Stealing years of opportunities away never to be reclaimed,
Ripping my heart out and piecing it with a sword to be left
baking in the midday sun,
Pulling ever increasing veils down over my entire being to maintain its deception of reality and truth,
Pretending it was reality and the power to guide my every step,
Miss directing my choices to entrap me in despairs webs,
Creating detours for its own amusements,
Pulling, tearing me down every opportunity I gave it,
Eventually bewildered, limping into God’s Grace and begging for help after everything else had failed,
To find Fear believed it was protecting me from harm,
But had lead me to the Ultimate Truth,
To fly free of that prison of self and desire,
To swim in the Ocean of Certitude,
And dive deeply within its corals and peals,
Finding gems of inestimable value,
And finding truth is the foundation of all human Virtue,
Fear was my night’s watchman pushing me ever closer to my True Hearts Desire,
Finally understanding fear is the sign post of where not to go,
Fear is yelling, screaming to let us all know we are heading back into the prison of self,
Imprisoned into depression, guilt, shame, despair, hopelessness, helplessness, trauma and frozen in time like a butterfly in some display case in some hidden dark draw,
Rise up and fly, set ourselves free to serve our true destiny,
Live in the shadow of His Mighty Tree, swim in His Eternal Ocean,
Knowing He gave us this sign post to lead us to Him,
When all else fails…

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NOW IMAGINE THIS...every house has solar panels that supply them with all their power needs; at no cost to them other than the cost to install and maintenance and all the extra power they make gets sent off to the power stations that is sold to industries and the money made is used to educate every child and youth...BUT big industry will fight like Mary hell to stop this because they want the control not us individuals...big industry will even attempt to feed you propaganda to convince you to even develop nucular power stations because they can make big bucks out of that....

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Not a life sentence he said....
Bad experience, Bad feelings, Bad memories,
all swept under the carpet, forget, keep busy, move on,
they taught us all.
Child hurting, child abused, Child not wanting to except parent is to blame. Shame and name themselves they have been taught hide the truth pretend it didn't happen, dance my dance if you want my warmth back completely controlled by lower natures.
NOT A LIFE SENTENCE, escape, as soon as pos from any bad feelings. Escape the prison of self, condemnation, hate, self judgement and criticism ready to hand on to next generation and the next and the next designed for eternity of ancestral trauma handed on 7 generations we are told. IT'S YOUR LOT. The sins of the fathers may have been our shackles, ball and chains, Prison and housing our hearts and minds.
learn from it all then step up,
Grow, evolve,
move on be free fly the cup of sorrow has been drained to its dregs
Fly sweet hearts Fly free as you have been designed to do.