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snapshots - animals
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4 photos, 4 videos
This snake was in my front garden, constantly squirming and rolling and - dare I say - often seemed to be dancing, for the nearly 2 hours I sat watching and photographing it. (I hope that behavior...

Bugs and other little critters
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8 photos
Total lunar eclipse, February 2008. Also a couple of shots of a regular ol' waxing moon.

Plants and flowers
15 photos
It rains a lot in Portland...and unless it's 'raining now' or has 'just stopped raining', there's a constant breeze in the Spring. Tulips dance in the light...when it peeks through the clouds, that...

6 photos, 2 videos
This owl was roosting at my workplace while she was (trying to) raise her babies.

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20 photos

American Museum of Natural History
37 photos

New York City
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