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We set out early fairly early for Yosemite Valley and soon realized many others had done the same. Of the three routes into the Valley, three were closed due to washed out roads. As we neared the park we were keenly aware of many of the mudslides and rocks that had nearly made it on to the highway. At the entrance we patiently waited in line which would prove to be fairly short but where then disappointed by the construction work delays. Arriving at the Southside parking area we were surprised to find already full with some people having been there as early as 6AM to stake out a spot. Claim jumpers wandered around looking a chance to slide in to get their own gold. We decided to seek unexplored vistas and spent the afternoon wandering around the forest. The ground was soggy and would suck your feet in making walking difficult. On the far side of a clearing we found the meadow flooded with a great reflection of Horsetail Falls. We setup our gear as the snow flurries wafted in the breeze around us. Clouds lingered in and around El Capitan and the sun began to set with wonderful colors upon the clouds. Glimmers of light occasionally would illuminate Horsetail for a few brief moments but it would take another days effort. The next evening we were back at our location. The crowds had doubled in size. We had hopes we'd get back to our claim. When we arrived our pool had dried up but we were more hopeful we would strike gold. The clouds began to build again and the Horsetail dimmed. But then, we heard a loud cheer go up around the park growing to a roar. We looked up to see Horsetail lighting up from the bottom. It crept up the falls till it reached the and the cheers continued as shutters clicked away. Soon the light faded but we felt satisfied as we jumped in the long line to head out of the park. It took two days to get the shot but it was worth it. This was Horsetail's Firefall Event of 2017.

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Yosemite Landscapes
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  • Taken: Feb 23, 2017
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  • Updated: Nov 2, 2017