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49 items

The Amazing Spider-man
3 photos

Fantastic 4
4 photos

Fuji x100
44 photos
I live and I collect snaps. I just love to remember.

21 photos

17 photos

Project 365
366 photos

Martial Arts Tricks
8 photos
Well, back to a newly updated post, bringing you back something quite refreshing this time. On new year, I was scheduled to shoot a few of my good friends doing what they loved most: tricking. In...

Vanna + Thyda
12 photos
What I thought would be rain and storm in the morning, turned out to be completely cleared out with a marvelous sun and temperature. Weather network, maybe I should thank you for bringing my mood up...

Alice and Chi Ho's wedding
38 photos
After having barely 3-4 hours of sleep from the day before, I headed out looking like a panda to Alice’s house – little did I know that the morning would be filled with such intense games that...

Hung & Isabelle's wedding
44 photos
If I had to describe this terrific wedding in one word…. could I say mindblowing? Or outstanding. Anyway, most words would probably be understatements anyway. To be honest, I was having so much fun...

Hung+Isabelle's pre-wedding
11 photos
Well, I just realized I forgot to upload that, so here it is! This has been a very rainy day near the Toronto area, as we were struggling on our drive there, hoping the sky would clear in time for...

Sri Lankan festivities
28 photos

Tyannick & Linda's wedding
31 photos

Minh and Yao's wedding
30 photos

Times remembered.
19 photos
That shoot was done a day before Leo & Yi’s… somehow, those pictures evoke such a strong feeling that I felt like crying, but not necessarily of sadness… it kinda recalls the beautiful...

Leo & Yi
18 photos

Jenny & John's wedding
33 photos

Orchid Ball 2010
4 photos

Orchid Ball 2010 rehearsal
9 photos

J + T
4 photos

Olympic athletes parade
36 photos

A day in a cop's life
18 photos

Armani + Eureka
40 photos

John & Jenny // engaged
19 photos
Spent an amazing day at Ile Jean-Drapeau with this wonderful engaged couple that will have their wedding this upcoming summer. This shoot really made me feel like there's no such thing as aging......

Dinh Ba's clothing tryout
8 photos

Studio pics (YCPA's fashion show)
38 photos

YCPA health travelling seminar
25 photos

10 photos

7 photos

Chong Lee Cup 2010 (taekwondo competition)
103 photos

MCCCA Chinese new year
96 photos
A serie of dances, comedies and singing for the celebration of the chinese new year. I've had the chance to witness some a-m-a-z-i-n-g performances by MCCCA! www.mccca.ca

Lion's Club Dinner
31 photos

3 photos

Vietnamese new year celebration 2010
25 photos

Strobist setups
4 photos

Vietnamese pre-new year children's party
14 photos

Super windy street photoshoot on the fly
4 photos

New year photoshoot
12 photos

7 photos

YCPA xmas cocktail
10 photos

Kathia and Guercy's wedding 2009
48 photos
Those pictures were shot as a GUEST. I was not the main shooter of the event, so couldn't take the main pictures of the couple and other important events. Nevertheless, enjoy =)

46 photos

Old port small photoshoot
13 photos

28 photos

Chinese lanterns
21 photos

6 photos

K100 singing competition
72 photos

7 photos

5 photos