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Flickr - Most Interesting
63 photos
This is a collection of photos from my stream which has been determined to be the Most Interesting according to the criteria which Flickr uses to assign "Interestingness" to shots. These...

Still Life Work
39 photos
I've recently began shooting Still Life photographs. I have been anxious to do so for a long time now and finally have the time and opportunity to do so. Over 40 years ago, I was a commercial...

Portfolio Photographs
69 photos
These photographs represent what I consider to be my best, or my favorite work since I began doing digital photography and studying its techniques. I created this set on Friday, July 30th, 2010, and...

Slab City Shots
19 photos
Slab City is an abandoned military base in the Sonoran Desert along the eastern shore of the Salton Sea. Each year it is home to as many as 1000 Snow-Birds (RVers) and, year round, possibly as many...

Landscape & Seascape
114 photos

Joshua Tree NP
13 photos
Joshua Tree photo trip - Winter 2009-2010 was one of excellent photographic weather - storms, clouds, rain, sun.

Luminescent Motion
9 photos
From time-to-time I cannot resist the urge to experiment with light: to extend the moment of capture and create a whole new expression. The photographs in this set represent my various excursions...

Urban Scene
81 photos
These are the photos I take during my wanderings around town. They are a very mixed bag but they mostly share the commonality of either being a man-made environment or being in one. I am...

Death Valley
31 photos
Over the last 30 years I have been to Death Valley several times. I have seen it go from a National Monument to a National Park and increase in size by approximately 50%. It remains one of the most...

Flowers and Plants
35 photos
Photographs of Flowers, Plants, and Trees Some HDR, some straight. Of course, I shoot other flowers but generally as props in some of my still life shots. Beautiful as they are, if they are only a...

Trumpets, and Other Things
15 photos

Friends & Family
30 photos
This set displays the various photos that I have taken of my family and friends primarily since I have been involved in digital photography. A few of them are from older, scanned analog photos but...

San Fernando Mission
7 photos
The mission and rancho totaled 121,542 acres it was established in 1796 in what has become known as the San Fernando Valley of California. Products of the mission were corn, wheat, olives, olive...