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(EXPLORED - November 12, 2012)

Olympic Agora, Athens – Architect Santiago Calatrava (...and I had the BIG honor to be in his team of architects for this structure and the rest of the Olympic Complex also)

Not much time to work on my photos these days (that's why you don't see any LE), but at the same time, I can't resist too long without touching them. So I had to play a little with the shots from my scouting stroll at the Olympic Complex in Athens, the last one before the Athens Architectural Workshop that is happening in less than two weeks, Nov. 24-25. (Have you already signed up for it? If not, you still have a chance to do it here goo.gl/cgIoc)

This is the Olympic Agora, one of my favorite architectural structures in the Complex. Except for the fact that I'm every time charmed by the beauty and harmony of this structure, it's a favorite also because you have countless possibilities of shooting it: from afar, from near, with a long, a wide or super-wide lens (as I did here with my new Nikon 10-24mm), in a traditional or abstract interpretation, whatever your imagination and eyes wish. I even have some long exposures of it, but I'll need more time to be able to process them. It was among the very few times that I used the 2:1 format, not that I don't like it, but my subjects are generally more abstract, thus more suited for the square format. I do like this format here though, especially for the way it brings together so many pieces of reality...

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  • Taken: Nov 10, 2012
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  • Updated: Feb 25, 2017