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While camping here last week I continued to seek out landscape compositions that might make for a large wall mural representing what Old Florida might have looked like about 500 years ago. This image was made near the road, so no longer hikes were needed. In the larger opening to the right out in the bright sunlit fields is a doe deer making her way back to her fawn. The doe's cross the road with fawns in tow at dawn and leave them in and around the same areas that I photograph. When the doe's have browsed on the new grasses, she returns to her fawns and cross the road and beds down in the hardwood oak hammocks.

Now just as I finished making the multiple images for this pano, I noticed an animal hoping upend down while running away from two crows just to the left of where the deer is located. As the animal got closer I could see it was a bobcat crossing not 30 yards from where I'm standing and dove in under that brush pile on the left. After the crows left the cat eased out from under his hiding place and started to walk in my direction and then turned and walked slowly between the two large oak trees at the left edge of this image. Now people ask me why do I wear camp cloths when I'm out in the wilds....well, its because that cat never saw me even though I was about 40 feet away. I sounded out with a "Hi Bob" and he stopped and looked straight at me but I don't really think he saw me, as he just slowly walked off and crossed the road on my left.

So the original file of this is 4 vertical framed pano is @ 48 inches long @ 300 ppi. If you click on the down arrow icon on the right under the image and choose "Original Size" you will see the full uploaded size of 26 X 15 inches.

You can go here for the mural images I made last year at this park:

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BTW, if you like a bit of humor of the things that have happened to me over the years on some of my photo adventures, try reading some of the stories in my Blog. I've just added the last two adventures that happened many years ago. Just waiting for the next humorous adventure to arrive.
I'm sure there must have been a couple of events that happened out of the ordinarily while some other photo adventures, but trying to remember back 15 years now is a real task. But when I do I will write them up and post to my Blog.

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  • Taken: Apr 12, 2018
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