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While camping here last month I continued to seek out landscape compositions that might make for a large wall mural representing what Old Florida might have looked like about 500 years ago. This image is of some great area for wild turkey. This is just north of the Big Flats campground where I camped. At this location I would probably would have been standing in nearly 3.5 feet of water brought on by the normal rainy season and last year's hurricane Irma back in Sept. It's very dry right now but still hard walking.

From the amount of wild hog droppings I'm standing in (I'm being kind here), I would say that there is still and will continue to be a population of hogs that will never be eliminated from this park. Just consider for every hog trapped and removed a female hog un-trapped will deliver about 10-13 piglets 4 times a year. There seems to be more than just trapping that needs to be implemented and I saw signs of that the this morning where I came up to a hog that was shot in the head apparently the evening before about 40 yards off the edge of the main road. So I am guessing that the trapper has been given the OK to do some shooting as well.

Deer will follow the tree line around to the right and cross the road (the far trees and meadow) to go out to the Myakka River. There was still quite a bit of fog hanging in the air just before 8 am. And as you can see fog defuses an image by really lowering the contrast and muting colors. That's what I like about shooting when there is heavy fog.

So the original file of this is 7 horizontal frames @ 48 inches long @ 300 ppi. If you click on the down arrow icon on the right under the image and choose "Original Size" you will see the full uploaded size of 5563 X 1467 pixels.

You can go here for the mural images I made last year at this park:

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BTW, if you like a bit of humor of the things that have happened to me over the years on some of my photo adventures, try reading some of the stories in my Blog. I've just added the last two adventures that happened many years ago. Just waiting for the next humorous adventure to arrive.
I'm sure there must have been a couple of events that happened out of the ordinarily while some other photo adventures, but trying to remember back 15 years now is a real task. But when I do I will write them up and post to my Blog.

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  • Taken: Apr 10, 2018
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  • Updated: Nov 8, 2018