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Folks, I'm getting ready to head up north on Sunday for the month of Oct. This trip originally was just for "Mainely Moose", but the airfare was so outrageous, that I thought I could drive it for about the same amount of money and make side trips along the way. I would camp out of my Olds van and be fully self contained, staying at the WalMart Residence Inn's along the way to save some money. Its a little cramped, but doable, since its only me.It does seem a shame to leave a nice 26 ft. camp trailer home, with all of the amenities, but at 8 to 10 MPG vs 28 MPG, well..................

After spending a week up in Baxter State Park in upper Maine, I would go over to the coast to Acadia NP. I have never been there,or Maine, or a lot of places in the north east since I was a young boy....about a hundred mango seasons ago.After seeing some images of Acadia NP in October, I may need to spend more time there and hope for some foggy mornings.

Well, a Flickr friend, Mike Jones, told me I have to see Vermont and New Hampshire the first week of October....its a must deal. So I now plan of leaving a week earlier and alter my course of direction to go there first and meet up with friends in Bangor Maine later.

Now, I have done some research on old grits mills and waterfalls in the northern part of Georgia and have included that areas as well,staying at my cousins, once again to cut some costs. Isn't that what relatives are for???

The return trip back south, after Acadia NP, will take me through up state New York and the Catskill Mountains, and then south to Virginia through the Shenandoah NP, once again camping where ever I can. There is a scenic byway that runs through Shenandoah that meets up with the Blue-ridge Parkway. I will take all of that to Cherokee NC. and then into the Great Smoky NP to an area I've never been before.

Then I will circle around back into northwestern Georgia to do more mills, barns and waterfalls,again mooching off my cousins in Georgia. Don't ya just love free room and board???

The last leg of this journey, finds a couple more mills in southern GA and the 12 hour ride back home. I may need to do another WalMart Residence Inn overnight to break up that last long leg of the journey.

This trip is over 5000 miles, alot of driving, a lot of stops along the way and hopefully a couple of gigs of images.

I now have moved into our century with a new laptop with wireless connection to hopefully be able to post a few images I have made along the way.

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