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Rhine River Cruise - 2019
19 photos
Pre-cruise extension in Lake Como 8 day cruise on the Rhine River from Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Africa - 2019
71 photos
On Safari in Kenya & Tanzania - Up Close With the Big Five

Charlotte's First Birthday Weekend
2 photos

Christmas 2018
1 photo

Israel & Jordan
16 photos

Fleet Week Air Show - 2018
4 photos

Castello di Amorosa Winery
1 photo
We visited on my 66th birthday

Vineyard Images
1 photo

Tahoe 2018 Family Vacation
1 photo

Things Out of Place
2 photos
Odd sightings of 'out of place' objects found during my walks...

Mother's Day - May 2018
1 photo
Smiley Family Visit

Panama Canal Crossing Cruise - April, 2018
33 photos, 1 video

Smiley House Remodel
1 photo

161 photos

U.S. State Capitol Buildings
4 photos

Belgium & The Netherlands
31 photos
12 day River Cruise with Vantage Travel, commencing in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and concluding in Rotterdam, Belgium.

Caitlin Visit December 2016
4 photos

New England Leaf Peeping Tour - 2016
15 photos

Caitlin July 2016 Visit
1 photo

Humboldt Redwoods State Park
1 photo
From our visit to the redwoods "Avenue of the Giants" July 2016

Mo's Cooking Projects
3 photos

Caitlin's May 2016 Visit
1 photo
Colleen & Matt went to Healdsburg for a wedding and left us alone with Caitlin for 2 whole nights !

Yosemite National Park, March 2016
13 photos
2 night trip to Yosemite, March 16-18th, 2016

Spring Training, 2016
3 photos
To celebrate John's 70th birthday

Grand Canyon - 2016
10 photos

102 photos
My daily challenge for 2016 - capture, edit and post a unique image every day!

Christmas 2015
1 photo

Caitlin's First Birthday
1 photo

Scotland 2015
43 photos
From our trip to Scotland September 9 - 23, 2015

Banff National Park, Canada
25 photos
visited July 2015; unfortunately wild fires deposited a lot of haze in the sky, so my pictures are less than stellar.... I guess we'll have to come back again !

France - 2015
62 photos

Newborn, Maternity & Family Photo Shoots
10 photos

Mo's Christimas Cookie Brunch Party - 2014
1 photo

Caitlin is Born
11 photos

My Most Interesting
207 photos
according to flickr's carefully guarded definition of "interesting".... I hope this set displays the range of my photographic interests; I try not to be a "one note" photographer...

My Explored Photos
111 photos
Selected by the inexplicable "Explore Magic Donkey" or whatever the flickr community has decided to call the Explore algorithm. Some of the photos selected are quite ordinary (like a...

Asia Trip - 2014
54 photos, 1 video
Hong Kong, Vietnam and Cambodia

Flickr Licensed
31 photos

Caitlin's Baby Shower
2 photos
November 15, 2014 at Barbarella Restaurant, La Jolla Shores, San Diego, Ca

Mo & Tigger
1 photo

Sonoma Wine Tasting
4 photos
Visit to Gloria Ferrer, followed by Adobe Road tasting room, dinner at Eldorado Kitchen, and a night time parade around the square

Colleen & Matt Maternity Session
3 photos
End of 2nd Trimester, 6th month

Windy Hill Open Space
6 photos
Windy Hill trails in Portola Valley - my current favorite place to hike - well marked trails, solitude and a great workout !

2014 Virnoche Cup Bocce Ball
3 photos

Mission San Gabriel
5 photos
Fourth of the California Missions

2014 - 100X
101 photos, 1 video
My 100 best / favorite images of the year; no particular theme.

54 photos
From our visit to Sydney and Melbourne November 2013

Pizza Party
2 photos

Monterey Cannery Row
10 photos

New Year's Eve - 2013
1 photo
An evening with the Enderson's - good food, good friends, good fun !

Little People
5 photos
HO scale people at work and play.

Christmas 2013
4 photos

337 photos, 2 videos
My 365 project for 2013. A new, hopefully interesting, image captured and posted each day of the year. There may be some days when I cannot post if there is no Internet access while we are...

Crater Lake National Park
7 photos

Peru - 2013
45 photos
Images from our 2013 trip to Peru.

45 photos, 2 videos
Scenes from our trip to Peru & Ecuador in April 2013

Arnold California & Surroundings
8 photos
Calaveras and Stanislaus Counties

Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge
3 photos

Eastern Sierra
35 photos
In August 2012, we explored the Eastern Sierra along Highway 395 from Bridgepoint in the North to Lone Pine in the south. Gorgeous scenery with plenty of inspiring photo opportunities. I can see that...

Max & Ellen Come to Lunch
1 photo
We had so much fun when Ellen and Max came for lunch on June 18th. Max is a ball of energy - rarely sat down and chattered constantly!

Death Valley
46 photos
From our Spring 2012 trip to the vast and awe-inspiring Death Valley National Park. The variety of geology was most impressive. We travelled from >200 feet below sea level to >5,500 feet above...

2011 Eastern Mediterranean Cruise
97 photos
Images from our 2 week cruise onboard Norwegian Cruise Lines Jade departing from Venice with ports of call in Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos, Olimpia, Athens, Dubrovnik, Ephesus and Split. I took...

Yellowstone NP
46 photos, 1 video

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
49 photos

Yahoo Weather
1 photo
My images that I've seen in the Yahoo Weather (cell phone) app

50mm f1.4 Fun
34 photos
The 50mm f1.4 lens arrived as a Christmas gift and has been the most fun lens ever ! The super wide aperture allows photography anywhere and the very limited dof creates wonderful bokeh.

Fleet Week 2011
4 photos
Air show at San Francisco Fleet Week 2011

Christmas 2011
4 photos

Street Shootin'
17 photos
Candid street photography of the places I've been Images included here are generally unposed strangers. Emboldened by what I learned during a Stanford Documentary Photography course, I frequently...

148 photos
Temporary set for photos to be submitted to Getty Artists Pool

Sawyer Camp Trail
61 photos
Images from my walks at the Sawyer Camp Trail at Crystal Springs Reservoir, San Mateo County, CA.

Getty Images
74 photos
These have caught the eye of the Getty Images curators and are now available on gettyimages.com for licensing Go to URL: www.gettyimages.com/Search/Search.aspx?assettype=image&am...

Alaska Inside Passage Cruise - 2009
65 photos
From our Alaska Inside Passage cruise on Norwegian Cruise Lines, September 2009

St Louis
6 photos

19 photos

17 photos
for the flickr BINGO group

Theobald Wedding
4 photos
Jennifer & Jason, June 30, 2012 Petaluma, CA

Stanford Documentary Photography Course
3 photos

Sonoma County
15 photos
Russian River, spectacular coast line, wineries, bohemian communities and more...

California Landscapes
247 photos
California has an incredibly diverse terrain with some astonishingly beautiful vistas, and there are so many places I've yet to visit....

2013 Mosaics
11 photos

5 photos

Sixty Four Crayola Colors
14 photos
My contributions to the flickr sixty four colors group. Each week a color from a box of crayola crayons is chosen and the challenge is to go out into the world and photograph something that features...

Monthly Mosaics
56 photos
At the end of each month, I create a mosaic of the daily images from the month. It's interesting to see them at a glance as it is an effective reminder of the places I've been and things I've seen...

500 or more Views
99 photos
Oddly enough some of my most viewed photos have very few comments; probably because someone has "borrowed" the image for use on their blog. Set automatically created by dopiaza's set...

Shasta & Lassen
25 photos
from our July 2009 vacation

Squircles - Random Assortment
18 photos
There is something so appealing about squircles - once you're aware of their existence you see them everywhere ! Photographing and uploading them is a total waste of time, but I'm hooked...

San Francisco Bay Area Aerial Tour
46 photos
From a 2-hour flight over the San Francisco Bay Area in a single engine plane flown out of Palo Alto Airport on a spectacular clear fall afternoon - October 2007.

Palo Alto
62 photos

Fences & Posts
41 photos
The natural vanishing point presented by fences has always appealed to me and I realized that I have a lot of them in photostream so decided to bring them all together in one set.

Clardy Party August 2009
2 photos
Australian wine tasting & BBQ

Mission San Juan Capistrano
17 photos

California Missions
123 photos
There are 21 Missions in California, spanning hundreds of miles from San Diego to Sonoma. I have visited 9 of the 21, and plan to visit all eventually. San Diego San Juan Capistrano San Luis...

New York City
172 photos
From our trip to NYC October 2008 Day 1 - Arrival, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, Times Square Day 2 - St. Patrick's Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, Staten Island Ferry and Hudson...

25 photos
From our trip to Boston, October 15-19, 2008; North End Freedom Trail Bunker Hill Beacon Hill Back Bay Harvard, Radcliffe, Cambridge MIT Charles River

Wine Country - Yountville
24 photos
photos from our trip to Yountville and The French Laundry Restaurant

Filoli Gardens & Mansion
171 photos
Filoli is a famous American country house set in 16 acres (65,000 m2) of formal gardens surrounded by a 654 acre (2.6 kmĀ²) estate, located about 25 miles (40 km) south of San Francisco, at the...

Chihuly at the DeYoung
48 photos
Special Exhibit of Dale Chihuly Glass at the DeYoung Museum, 2008. Every glass art piece and collection was mesmerizing and wonderful to gaze upon and photograph.

4th of July
54 photos
4th of July in Redwood City - an old-fashioned celebration with a parade, festival and vintage car show

Mountain View, CA
7 photos
Sights around town - Mountain View, CA

Redwood City, CA
256 photos, 1 video
Photos around town, Redwood City, CA - where I've worked and/or lived since 1973. Founded in the 1850's, one of the oldest cities on the San Francisco Peninsula; once a port city where the redwood...

San Francisco, CA
245 photos, 1 video
Aptly named "Paris of the West" an intriguing, photogenic, appealing city of many moods, unique neighborhoods and inspiring vistas.

Salinas, CA - Steinbeck Center
34 photos
from our trip to the Steinbeck Center May 2008

Hearst Castle; San Simeon, CA
95 photos
Hearst Castle - jewel of the California State Park System

Monterey, CA
95 photos
Photos from our trip to Monterey, May 2008

Pelican Portraits
3 photos

Morro Bay, CA
65 photos

San Luis Obispo
23 photos
Visit to the Mission, May 2008

Santa Barbara Mission
75 photos
From our trip to the stunningly beautiful "Queen of the Missions" on Memorial Day, 2008

San Diego, CA
87 photos, 2 videos

SDSU Graduation-2008
6 photos
May 23, 2008 - Maureen's Graduation from San Diego State University; a "May Gray Day" in San Diego, but a joyful celebratory day nonetheless.

185 photos
Squircles are everywhere - I keep my camera ready at all times to capture the next squircle I see !

Still Life
69 photos
Creating a composed, well-lit still life requires experimentation and patience. I'm just an amateur but learning by imitating some of the other great flickr artists.

Stanford University
146 photos
I'm so lucky to live and work within a few miles of Stanford University. As a student in the Continuing Studies program, I frequently arrive at campus early just so I can wander around and admire the...

Flowers & Flowering Things
227 photos

216 photos, 2 videos
Many of my photo subjects are right here at home.

My 365-2008
109 photos
A photo a day to catalog what is happening in my life

98 photos
Dresden and surrounding towns

Queen Mary 2 - Atlantic Crossing
2 photos

37 photos

Matt's Beer Project
1 photo
Matt's Watermelon beer project, June 2010

42 photos
interesting doors from around the world (& places closer to home...)

My Family
15 photos

Christmas 2010
2 photos
Christmas Eve & Christmas Day at Pete& Sabra's Home

Fun with Food
135 photos
Food must look good as well as taste good. Window light and natural light is the most flattering light for food, and I enjoy capturing images of both styled food and found still lifes.

40 photos
I frequently find unintentional or unavoidable images of myself in my photos....

2010 Mosaics
9 photos
Monthly Mosaics created at the end of each month.

100+ Views
126 photos
Just a random selection of images that have over 100 views Set automatically created by dopiaza's set generator on 5th January 2018 at 8:22am UTC

42 photos

42 photos
for CAC

UCSC Graduation
1 photo

4 photos

Engagement Photo Shoot
4 photos

Virnoche Bocce Ball Party
2 photos
A beautiful afternoon at the Virnoche home in Atherton with good people, good food and plenty of fun !

Christmas 2012
1 photo

Modern Zeppelin
11 photos
My "birthday trip" on the Modern Zeppelin (it's NOT a blimp) flying out of Moffett Field on September 27, 2012.