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The Land of Texture
3 photos
A series of my photos processed with texture backgrounds and overlays.....

500 or more Faves
19 photos
Photos of mine here at Flickr that have received 500 or more faves....

700 or more Faves
9 photos
Photos of mine here at Flickr that have received 700 or more faves....

200 Plus Favs
66 photos
Photos of mine here at Flickr that have received 200 or more faves.

Glacier Photo Tour
17 photos
Images of locations we visit on my Glacier National Park Photo Tours....

GPSE RM People
12 photos
Potential photos of people taken by Jeff Clow that have not been previously licensed. These could be part of a GPSE Rights Managed People Portfolio. Many of these have been invited by...

Banff Photo Book
10 photos

DD Set
14 photos

Moab, Utah Photo Tour
26 photos
Locations in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks ... and the Professor Valley.

Explore - Flickr's Front Page
331 photos
All of the photos in this set have made the "Explore" front page of Flickr over the last five years - and all because of the generous visitors to my photostream. I'm extremely grateful for...

Banff National Park
95 photos
Photos of our recent visit to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada....one of the most spectacular landscape photo locales in the world.

Teton Photo Tour
135 photos, 1 video
Photos taken at the various locations we visit when I host Grand Teton Park photo tours in the spring and fall....

100 or more "Faves"
474 photos
This set is comprised of all the photos that I've uploaded since joining this magical site that have garnered 100 or more "Faves" from the Flickr community. I'm grateful to all of you...

50 or more Faves
981 photos
Photos that have been faved 50 or more times by the kind visitors to my photostream

49 photos

The Front Page Archives
149 photos
Screen shots of some of my photos that have appeared on Flickr's Front Page during the last 60 months...

Top 33 - According to Flickr
33 photos
This set features my current Top 33 "most interesting" photos according to the magical Flickr formula.... It is regenerated on a daily basis and of course is constantly changing. Set...

Interestingness by Flickr
42 photos
Photos chosen by Flickr's computers as having "interestingness".....all were in the Top 10 on their date of uploading.....

D D April 12 One
23 photos

119 photos
Closeup photos of the world all around us that we too often overlook...

316 photos
Some of my photos that are available for sale in the Getty Flickr stock image collection....

Getty 2009 A
20 photos

Getty 2009 B
10 photos

Getty 2009 C
23 photos

Getty 2009 D
47 photos

Getty 2009 E
50 photos

Getty 2009 F
49 photos

Getty 2009 G
25 photos

Getty 2009 H
50 photos

Getty 2009 I
50 photos

Early Getty
14 photos

Grand Teton National Park
90 photos
One of the finest places a photographer can visit in North America.....

The Bluebonnet Trail
13 photos
Bluebonnets only come to Texas for a small period of time....but they are a photographer's dream come true when they are in full bloom. These shots were taken in and around the greater Dallas, Texas...

My Own Faves
16 photos
Photos I've taken recently that are my own personal favorites. Thanks for stopping by and looking them over....

Best 18
18 photos
My own view of what I consider my best photo work...

High Dynamic Range (HDR)
68 photos
Multi-exposure photos blended into High Dynamic Range images with Photomatix software

Exposure Dallas
2 photos
The first ever Flickr gallery show in the DFW Metroplex

A Frogs Life
19 photos
Photos of a barking green frog from inside our canna garden.

Flickr - the Early Years
71 photos
Most favorited...Most comments...Most views....by the Flickr community

Top 20 Flickr Favs - 2005
20 photos
The 20 photos from my photostream that received the most favs from Flickr visitors in 2005....

Hidden Gems
45 photos
Personal favorites hidden amongst my photostream....

Dark Eye of the Storm
10 photos
Storm clouds over the skies of North Texas, USA

My Book (aka Portfolio)
20 photos
A constantly changing portfolio (aka "book") of what I personally consider my best twenty photo images....so far.

Water World
24 photos
A set of photos showing water streams and water droplets literally frozen in mid-air....taken with a Nikon D70 on the sports action setting to "freeze" the moment in time that was being...

Texas Wildflowers
44 photos
Photos taken amongst the Texas wildflowers....bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes

48 photos
The divine spark expressed as a great smile

Vail - Aug 04
23 photos
Vail - Beaver Creek - Steamboat Springs - Leadville, CO vacation in August, 2004

Hiking/Climbing w/Sons
31 photos
Hiking and Climbing Photos of me and my sons....

76 photos
Photos of our six children from the present and the past

Happy Jenna
2 photos
Photos of our granddaughter, Jenna

Cruise Photos
4 photos
Photos from cruises we've taken...

Spring Break 2005
26 photos
Spring Break 2005

Milan Trip
31 photos
Trip to Milan & Lake Como - March, 2005

Old Family Photps
5 photos
Photos taken pre-digital camera and scanned as digital photos

Family - 2004
15 photos
Family photos from 2004

Christmas Week 2004
84 photos
Photos taken during the Christmas Hoiday, 2004

Tracy's Wedding
3 photos
Tracy's wedding in Waverly, IA - September, 2004

50th Birthday Celebration
3 photos
Highlights from 50th Birthday Celebration

Nov 04 Cruise
34 photos
Cruise highlights - Jamaica, Caymans, Onboard