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Jason A. Cina / 18 items

96 photos
Current Show: SLABS 733 Third Avenue, NYC Lobby Gallery Weekdays 8am to 7pm Sponsored by: ChaShaMa www.chashama.org/event/slabs

Portraits: Street
94 photos

Portraits: Students
101 photos

Black & White
63 photos

Urban Color
106 photos

Portraits: Jazz
111 photos

Portraits: Posed
58 photos

Camera Phone
173 photos

35mm: 1987 to 2006
88 photos

Leaves and Trees
99 photos

Not in a Set
299 photos

A n i m a l s
73 photos

NYC Subway Tunnels
33 photos
Long Exposures on the Subway Home Page: www.JasonACina.com

North East Philly
50 photos
Mayfair, Pennypack Park, Cottman Frankford

R u r a l
58 photos
Stillwater, NJ and surrounding area

North Philly Snap Shots
46 photos
Cell Phone Snap Shots over a 2 to 3 week period. April / May 2011: My Father in Law was passing away so inbetween shifts I took long walks near the hospital grounds with only my cell phone camera...

Roosevelt Island NYC
58 photos
Photos Old and New

23 photos
2008 and 2009