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User / Jacob Surland / Shoe Boat
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I shot this photo in Amsterdam, and I almost didn't shoot it. I had wrapped up, and packed away everything, and was on my way back to the hotel. I had left the hotel at 3.30 am, and had shot more than 1000 photos around the center of Amsterdam, and I had walked more 8 miles (13 km) when I got back to the hotel.

I crossed this canal and noticed the perfect reflection, and the bit of haze in the background, with the sun coming through. Half way across, I stopped, went back and unpacked and shot the photo. I am so happy I did.

I have come to learn, if I see something that I pass, I go back. I am usually right.

--Jacob Surland

Art sale as limited prints. Photo by Jacob Surland, Licensed Creative Commons non-commercial v4.0. No Derivative Work. Protected by Pixsy.com
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  • Taken: Sep 4, 2012
  • Uploaded: Feb 13, 2018
  • Updated: Feb 15, 2018