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Jamin Hunter Taylor / 24 items

67 photos
Featuring one of my favorite types of birds.

Florida - May 2019
11 photos

Game Birds
57 photos
Grouse and Ptarmigan in Alaska and Hawaii.

Birds of Alaska 2019
245 photos

Best of 2018
42 photos
Top 10

86 photos

Mexico 11/18
58 photos

Moose (Alces Alces)
47 photos
A collection of the largest species of deer in North America.

Bird Photo Presentation
122 photos
Submissions for photo party

132 photos
These majestic birds deserve their very own album.

95 photos
I love owls, and thought there should be a gallery that only features them. So here it is.

Birds of Alaska 2018
441 photos

In Explore
107 photos
Photos featured on Explore

Best of 2017
360 photos
A selection of my favorite photos of the year.

Scenic Alaska
75 photos
The beauty of Alaska

8 photos

Birds of Maui
78 photos
A collection of birds photographed in February of 2017

Birds of Alaska 2017
652 photos

Alaska Zoo Animals
9 photos

Wild Alaska
191 photos
Wildlife in Alaska

Birds of Alaska - 2016
698 photos
Birds photographed in Alaska

Birds of Alaska - 2015
122 photos
Birds from Anchorage to Eagle River and the surrounding areas

Wildlife of Alaska
128 photos
A collection of my best Alaskan Wildlife images.

227 photos
Ducks, Geese, and Swans oh my!