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Eric Montfort / 30 items

8 photos

Myanmar (Birmanie) '15
81 photos

34 photos

Sabah, Borneo
81 photos, 8 videos

83 photos

104 photos
An incredibly beautiful and wild island. Quelques souvenirs marquants : ■ cette île est un désert (plus grande que l'Irlande, mais peuplée de 300 000 habitants -dont près de 200 000 autour de...

Burkina Faso
112 photos
3 weeks touring in Burkina Faso, March'11, visiting Lobi and Senoufo villages...

29 photos
My 3 weeks lonely trek (just I, and my backpack) around the Annapurnas in Nepal. I've been first in the Southern, and center part of the Annapurnas : this place is called the "Annapurna...

26 photos
October'09. A few weeks in Namibia, hiking the highest dunes in the world, watching animals and incredible natural landscapes.

52 photos
A few drawings, paintings (some instant portraits of fellows).. ceramics (potter's wheel).. and also some various stuff made by myself.

35 photos
A few weeks in Japan.. April'09. Photo shooting, temples drawing, walking in Tokyo streets, and then Kyoto peaceful gardens..

24 photos
le temps d'un week-end chez la famille.

Algerian Hoggar (film photo)
4 photos
2004. Southern Algeria in the Hoggar tassilis.

Wien, Praha
38 photos
In last october I had to fly to czech republic for work, for a week... So I took the opportunity to visit Prague and Vienna for a few days :o)

Nantes Photo Marathon
11 photos
My first PHOTO MARATHON, organized by a local Photo association www.lev-nantes.org 24 topics, for 24 shots, in 24hours - April, 24th 2010 That was really cool.The fact is you have to be very fast....

27 photos

27 photos
4 days trekking in famous Wadi Rum desert, and 2 more days spent in Petra area (which is actually full of small trails, with no touris t!). Discovering the city of Petra in that small canyons is.....

14 photos
Northern Thailand (Golden triangle, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, small villages near Mae Salong..), and a quick step in the South around Krabi. 3 weeks, March '10. All with 85mm / 5D II.

19 photos
February 2010.. 30°C on the afternoon.

21 photos
Nantes.. my city !

Belle île
1 photo
One of the most beautiful island of Brittany (France).

Merkredi Paradis
13 photos
Live music from friends Yannis and Marie.

Mariage Yann & Laurence
1 photo

1 photo
Coastal marsh in Bouguenais -this area is almost a part of Nantes, just on the Southern side of the Loire river. I had to buy a guidebook to discover this place which is in fact only 5 km from the...

Ile d'Oléron
6 photos
Dans un gîte début avril 2010..

3 photos

Raku & potter's wheel ceramics
5 photos
One of my hobbies!

Hâvre valley
1 photo
A small walk in the Hâvre valley, near Oudon.

Namibia 2
2 photos
le reste.

8 photos