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B 467 C 50 E Jul 5, 2008 F May 11, 2009
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Last night brought to me
A wonderful dream
We're simply carefreely laughin
Walkin dawn the streets od Memphis

Imagine we're met there for the first time
Caught in the middle of fable
Happy just because we were in Memphis

Don't ask my why I'm so in love
With the place i've never been in
Cause i see it still in my dreams, my Memphis

Memphis how did you enchant Me?
How did you turn me on
What is what is your secret ?
Why Can't i stop thinkin about you?

Memphis how well do i know you
O ... those times when i saw you
Memphis your are the music
I hear you only im my dreams

O Memphis

Tags:   Varius Manx krakoff Easter

B 437 C 20 E Aug 14, 2008 F Jul 16, 2009
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Widziałam orła cień
Do góry wzbił się niczym wiatr
Niebo to jego świat
Z obłokiem tańczył w świetle dnia
Słyszał ludzki szept
Krzyczał, że wolność domem jest
Nie ma końca drogi tej
I że nie wie co to gniew
Przemierzał życia sens
Skrzydłami witał każdy dzień
Zataczał lądy, morza łez
Bezpamiętnie gasił gniew
Choć pamięć krótka jest
Zostawiła słów tych treść
Nie umknie jej już żaden gest
Żadna myśl i żaden sens


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Tags:   Varius Manx krakoff

B 502 C 12 E May 24, 2009 F Jul 16, 2009
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The Sun is rising…
Golden streaks in the sky
In a handful of water
She’s drowning leavings of the night
She’s putting on red long dress
Flowing like the morning haze
It’s gonna be a lovely day

She’s going to the garden
She’s hiding there

She talks to the flowers
They know all secrets of her soul
She gives them love & care
They give her reason to be proud
Lilies, daisies, rosemary
Only you can understand
Things impossible to say

She’s hiding in the garden
Far away from yesterdays and tomorrows

Once she used to cry
Now her dreams are quite and plain
In the tender arms of green
She slowly learns how to forget
Every lonely night is better
Then pretending face to face
But sometimes it’s so hard to take

She’s hiding in the garden
She’s gonna stay there for a while
(maybe longer)
Leave her alone…
Leave her alone…

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Tags:   krakoff Easter Varius Manx Cogitka