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365 - 2019
171 photos
6th Continuous 365. ;)

Sony RX100 Photos
1494 photos
Photographs taken on my RX100's Mk I, II, III and V

Sony RX10 IV
349 photos, 2 videos

Sony A7iii
5 photos

Skomer Island June 2018
27 photos

Explored Photos
101 photos
Photographs which have been 'Explored' on Flickr. Thanks for looking. :)

365 - 2018
365 photos
My 5th 365... :P

365 - 2017
365 photos

Skomer Island...
80 photos
Various shots from my trips to Skomer Island. 27th June - 29th June 2017 3rd July - 7th July 2016 2nd July 2015

48 photos
Taken on the 28th September. All shots taken on a Pentax K3 with a sigma 150-500 lens. :)

Sony A6000/A6300
137 photos
Photos taken on my Sony A6000 or new A6300. ;)

Panasonic FZ1000
50 photos

Pentax photos
1060 photos
Photographs taken on my Pentax K10d, K20d, K7, K5 and more recently K3. :)

366 - 2016
365 photos

365 - 2015
365 photos

365 - 2014
432 photos
Photo a day for 2014

Panasonic TZ100
57 photos, 3 videos

4 photos
O2 Islington

RIAT 2017
6 photos

RIAT 2016
11 photos

Eastbourne Airbourne 2015
10 photos

RIAT 2015
5 photos

Favourite 2014 Photographs
6 photos

Favourite 2013 Photographs
5 photos
My favourite photos from 2013

London January 2013
17 photos
More photos from my walk home to the train station on Tuesday evening. Been a while since I last took some early evening/night shots but these have come out surprisingly well. :)

One photo a week 2013
34 photos

Recent Images
98 photos
Some of my recent photographs. :)

Dorset 2012
15 photos

Olympic Womens Triathlon
11 photos

Dragonflies and Damselflies
77 photos
Various dragonflies and damselflies.

Woodland Birds
46 photos
Various woodland bird photographs, from 2009, 2010 and 2012

RIAT 2011
26 photos
Sunday 17th July 2011. Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) 2011. Photos taken on a Pentax K5 with a Sigma 170-500 lens.

Eastbourne Airbourne Airshows 2010 and 2011
37 photos
Various photos from the Airbourne Airshow 13th August 2010. 12th & 13th August 2011 2010 Weather - Blue skies, followed by torrential downpours.... 2011 Weather - Dry with blue skies.

Farnborough Airshow
20 photos

40 photos
Photographs taken at the Wye Valley Butterfly Zoo. Also includes older photos too.

Red Kites
8 photos
A trip to Hereford and we had to go to visit Gigrin Farm - Red Kite Feeding & Rehabilitation centre. At 3pm every day they feed the hundreds of Red Kites. Awesome to watch. All shots taken on a...

Photograph a week 2011
19 photos
One photograph a week uploaded throughout 2011. I found the photograph a day burnt me out a little with work, family, etc and coming up with different ideas. So I have decided that I will take at...

2010 a year in my photos
12 photos

SPI Module 8 submission 2 - Macro and close up
4 photos
Re-submission of Module 8. I wasn't happy with a mark of 70%.

365 Photographs
197 photos
I'm trying to take a photo a day (starting on the 1st May 2010). Here are my photos.

Dr Who Live
7 photos
Taken on the 10th October at Wembley Arena.

Red Deer Rut
12 photos
Taken at Richmond Park, London.

Brands Hatch Ford Track Day
10 photos
22nd November 2010 - Brands Hatch Ford open track day.

Festival of Speed 2015
6 photos

Goodwood - Festival of Speed 2010
42 photos
Photographs from Goodwood, 2010. Taken on Friday 2nd July 2010 on a Pentax K7.

SPI Module 6 Submission - Action
4 photos

SPI Module 8 submission - Macro and close up
4 photos

SPI Module 11 submission - Nature
4 photos
You are expected to submit 4 pictures for this module. For this module you may photograph urban or rural wildlife.

Brands Hatch
26 photos
Formula 2 practice. 17th July Henry Surtee's out practicing, unaware that two days later he would be involved in a horrific accident which ends his life. 8( Also Brands Hatch on the 1st May. A1GP...

Goodwood - Festival of Speed
12 photos
Various photographs taken on Saturday 4th July at the Goodwood Festival of Speed event.

Trambeat Gig
13 photos

SPI Module 5 submission
3 photos
Ex 1. Take a series of pictures of an indoor scene; a portrait or still-life by a window is a good choice. Use the camera hand held, set the shutter speed to 1/60sec, select a corresponding...

SPI Module 4 submission
5 photos
5 Images for the Foundation in Photography module 4.

SPI Module 3 submission
5 photos
5 Images for the Foundation in Photography module 3.

Biggin Hill Airshow 28th June 2009
19 photos
Various photographs taken at the Biggin Hill Air Show 2009. Unfortunately the Vulcan did not fly on Sunday... 8(

Wedding photos
7 photos

Macro Photographs
44 photos
Most of the images are taken on a Pentax K10D with a Tamron 90mm Macro lens.

War of the Worlds
6 photos
Taken at the O2 arena on Sunday 21st June 2009.

SPI Module 2 submission
10 photos
10 Images for the Foundation in Photography module 2.

SPI Module 1 submission
5 photos
5 Images for the Foundation in Photography module 1.

London Night Skyline
5 photos

C&G in Photography
12 photos
City and Guilds course in photography including: Level 1 in Basic Photography. Level 1 in Digital Photography. Level 2 Photography in Nature and the living world. Images produced whilst undertaking...

Other Images
35 photos
Other photographs I have taken.