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Tom Kisjes / 2,257 items
The Netherlands-Zaanstad
Near Nauerna hamlet lies polder "Zuiderveen". Ongoing soil subsidence is a problem here, as in all surrounding peat polders, where dairy farmers always tend to lower the water level for their live stock and grass production. The result is oxidation of the peat (with surprisingly high CO2 emissions) and soil subsidence. It is estimated that -since the start of cultivation of this peat landscape in the Middle Ages- the ground level subsided by 3 to 5 meters. With a view on future water management in connection with a rising nearby sea, climate change, durable agriculture and preservation of natural values this process of subsidence has to stop and must be reversed.
The Zuiderveen recently became a pilot area with "sawa's" for paludicultural practice. Alternative wet crops, like Azolla sp, (water fern-kroosvaren), Typha sp. (bulrush-lisdodde) and Sphagnum sp. (peat moss-veenmos) are planted in the sawa's to find out if cultivations like these are (a part of) the solution of the above described problems.
Image made with kite and camera (attached to the kite's line).
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  • Taken: Nov 26, 2017
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