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Bruce / 34 items

Huntington Beach State Park
31 photos
From our June 2018 trip

10 photos

11 photos

Eclipse 2017 Edited
8 photos

Eclipse 2017
106 photos
Eclipse photos

4 photos
Queen cells seen in May 23 inspection

58 photos, 1 video

102 photos, 1 video
yep. Birds

34 photos

Large Format
8 photos

B&W Film
50 photos
These are all shot using B&W film then either scanned in, or the negatives shot using a digital camera.

Downtown Anderson
22 photos

Bronica ETRS
5 photos

Yashica Mat LM
16 photos
Photos of, by or in reference to my Yashica.

51 photos

25 photos

Camera Pr0n
31 photos
Shots of Camera's and accessories

4x5 Development
6 photos
I'm recently started shooting 4x5 film and I needed a way to develop it at home. I tried tray development and "taco" development, but I didn't really like either method. I ended up...

iPad Enlarger
6 photos
Inspired by this image a few days ago. www.flickr.com/photos/adamrhoades/8051917926/in/faves-bru... I wanted to try this. I haven't made a print yet, I'll try it this weekend. Even with the...

12 photos
I shot these on the Kodak SO-331 film I just got. I set up a test shoot with a strobe and a few things I had sitting around. The scene metered F5.6 @ 100 ISO, but I shot full stops from F1.4 to...

Color Film
3 photos

Corpus Christi
17 photos
From my trip to Texas

Camera Phone
4 photos

Toys that aren't toys.
8 photos

Cardboard Boat Race
10 photos

4 photos

Chris and Jamie
5 photos

Silly Set
5 photos

38 photos

Wild Life
17 photos

56 photos

Charleston 09
5 photos

Home Studio
10 photos
My efforts to set up a Home Studio.. purely for fun.

13 photos
Random photo that I haven't classified yet