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These are my images that have been picked up by the Magical Flickr Interestingness algorithm, at one time or another. Most are dropped. But sometimes they are added back in. Then they are dropped...

Black & White
2 photos

Fourmile Canyon Wildfire 2010
7 photos
September 6th, 2010 a wildfire started West of Boulder, Colorado in Fourmile Canyon around 10:30AM. There were high winds which whipped the fire into the forest where it grew into a 3500 acre...

Night Time
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10 photos
Birds and Animals

Boulder Wildfire 2009
3 photos
Wildfires are something we contend with in the American West. This is the second wildfire within a year and one of about 5 or 6 that I've witnessed myself. There were actually two separate fires in...

16 photos

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5 photos
Portraits. Of People.

Autumn 2008
23 photos

6 photos

Sunrise and Sunset
21 photos
Pictures of the sun setting