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User / BugsAlive / Graphium sarpedon - the Common Bluebottle
Tim Stratford / 734 items
Doi Suthep-Pui NP, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Family : Papilionidae
Sub-Family : Papilioninae
Species : Graphium sarpedon sarpedon

This is probably the most widespread of the oriental species and is found in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and Australia. In Australia it is known as the Blue Triangle. It is a medium size butterfly with a wingspan of 60-70mm. The upper wing pattern is similar to the underside but without the red markings, and the sexes are similarly alike. An unusual feature is that the tibia and tarsus sections of the leg are coloured blue. They are strong and agile fliers. The males are avid 'puddlers' and like other Graphium species they have an interesting method of carrying out this practice. They suck up the water and extract the minerals in the normal way but in addition continually expel the excess water from the anus. This has the effect of dissolving more minerals from the ground which they then re-imbibe. They are sometimes seen in quite large puddling 'groups' with other Graphium and non-Graphium species. Females are more elusive and usually only seen when they are looking for egg-laying sites.
Habitat is a wide range of forested areas up to around 1500m asl. Females lay their eggs singly on young saplings of the host plant and the complete lifecycle takes about 26 days from egg to adult. The larval foodplants are mainly from the aromatic Lauraceae family and in Thailand include Cinnamomum camphora, Cinnamomum porrectus, Litsea cubeba, Litsea glutinosa, and Persea kursii.

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