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User / BugsAlive / Boloria selene - the Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary
Tim Stratford / 752 items
Bentley Wood, Hampshire, U.K.

Family : Nymphalidae
Subfamily : Heliconiinae
Species : Boloria selene

This is a very widely distributed species although not particularly common. Found in small colonies throughout most of northern and central Europe, Russia, parts of Central Asia, Japan, Korea, and North America. Because of this wide distribution it has several different common names including Silver-bordered Fritillary, Astro Fritillary, Myrina Fritillary, Silver-Borded Fritillary, and Silver Meadow Fritillary. It is a medium sized butterfly with a wingspan of 35-44mm, the female being larger than the male. Both sexes are avid nectar feeders, and can be seen on the flowers of Ajuga reptans, Hyacinthoides non-scriptus, Lotus corniculatus, Ranunculus spp., Euphorbia amygdaloides, Lychnis flos-cuculi and others.
Found in various habitats including open areas within deciduous woodland, marshes, fens, moorland, and sometimes near sea cliffs. Common at all sites are damp areas where the foodplants are able to grow vigorously. Eggs are laid singly on or near the foodplant and the larvae hibernate over winter and re-emerge in the Spring. The primary larval foodplants are Viola sp. .

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