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Jason Hummel / 120 items

Misc Summer 2015
65 photos

Mount Saint Helens, Bike Backpacking
13 photos

2015 Published work
2 photos

Mt. Daniel Circumnavigation
23 photos
An amazing trip around Mt. Daniel, by her spectacular lakes and rivers, glaciers and summits. May 2015

North Cascades Highway, April 2015
31 photos

Salomon Athlete Summit, Sedona AZ
83 photos
4 days in Sedona with the Saloman Running Team. March 2015

The Painted Traverse
98 photos
A 5 day ski traverse into Glacier Peak Wilderness. Summits of Red, Black, White, Magenta, Glacier, etc. Washington State, February 2015

The Forbidden Tour
76 photos
3 days skiing the Forbidden Tour is March, 2015

Misc Fall Imagery
61 photos

Hells Canyon, Snake River, September 2014
92 photos

Chikamin Peak High Route, August 2014
47 photos

Foss Lakes High Route, August 2014
57 photos
4 day adventure circuit in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington.

Mount Adams, North Face 2014
17 photos

North Cascades Highway, 2014
15 photos

Misc Summer 2014
21 photos

Hagen, Watson, N. Despair, June 2014
61 photos

Norway and Iceland, 2014
121 photos

American Alps Traverse, June 2013
187 photos

72 hour Deep winter Photo Challenge, Whistler...
58 photos

Mt. Baker, Roman Mustache, March 2014
69 photos
Awesome adventure skiing the Roman Mustache on Mt. Baker with James McSkimming and, Mike and Andy Traslin.

White Pass Ski Area 2014
36 photos

Jackson, Big Sky and Sun Valley Road Trip,...
26 photos

Misc Winter 2013/14
25 photos

Mt. Baker Ski Area Nov and Dec 2013
54 photos

Mountain Biking
1 photo

Published Work 2013/14
47 photos
This is a place to share my published work from 2013/14.

Mount Baker, Coleman Deming, October 2013
36 photos, 1 video
Two days enjoying the Coleman Deming with Adam Roberts, Kirk Turner and Jasper Gibson.

Napeequa Valley Loop, Glacier Peak Wilderness,...
90 photos
Four days with Zachery Winters traveling from Buck Creek Pass, to High Pass, to the Nappeequa Valley and over Little Giant Pass.

Leavenworth, Washington, September 2013
176 photos
Three days, three sports, three times the fun.

Moab, Arches and Zion Canyoneering, September 2013
173 photos
8 Canyons...Plieades, Dragonfly, Medieval Chamber, The Subway, Spry, Behunin, Mystery, Pine Creek

Watson to Blum, August 2013
74 photos

3rd Beach to Oil City, Olympic National Park,...
59 photos

Mount Adams, North Face NW Ridge, July 2013
17 photos

John Day River, May 2013
19 photos
Five Days on a beautiful River, considered one of the few non-damned wild rivers in the contiguous US.

Alaska, April 2013
92 photos, 1 video

White Cap, B.C., March 2013
59 photos

Osceola Traverse (Carbon River to White River),...
68 photos
This trip was 36 miles, approx 20 vert gain and took 4 days. The rest of the story is here: cascadecrusades.org/SkiMountaineering/rainier/osceolatrav...

Misc Winter 2013
25 photos

Mount Shuksan Backcountry, February 2013
63 photos

Columbia Peak Circuit, January 2013
29 photos

Garabaldi Lake, January 2013
41 photos

White Pass Ski Area, 2012/13
26 photos

Crystal Mountain Ski Area, 2012
22 photos

Misc Fall Images
45 photos

Paria Canyon, October 2012
72 photos
5 days spent backpacking through Buckskin Canyon, the longest slot canyon in the world and Paria Canyon in Arizona. What an amazing adventure with my father and brother.

Ruth Mountain, September 2012
31 photos

Published 2012/13
44 photos

Mount Olympus Day Trip, September 2012
14 photos
"Let's do Mount Olympus," Juya insists last week. What she forgets to mention is that she wants to do it in a day. That's about 44 miles and 10,000 vert. She finally convinced me....

Mount Baker, CD September 2012
33 photos

Misc summer 2012
41 photos

Mount Bike Backpacking adventure
43 photos
Along with my Aunt Jenny and twin brother, Josh, we headed out on a 2 day mountain bike backpacking mission. Our goal was to go from Elk Pass to Curly Creek. We had planned detours and longer...

Mount Adams, North Side 2012
89 photos
Hannah Carrigan and Juya Ghanaie joined me for 3 days on the N. Side of Mt. Adams. We would ski Stormy Thursday and the ubber classic North Face Northwest Ridge (NFNWR). While Hannah and Juya would...

Magic S Loop
32 photos
Along with Andy Traslin and Louie Dawson, we complete the sure-to-be classic the Magic 'S' Loop. Cascade Pass → Cache Col → Art's Knoll → Hurry Up Peak via Plan B Couloir → S Glacier →...

Misc.,spring imagery
19 photos

Mount Logan, Douglas Glacier, June 2012
33 photos
Kyle Miller and I spend 3 days traveling the to remote Douglas Glacier to ski Mount Logan.

Jack Mountain, Nohokomeen Headwall, May 2012
25 photos

Mount Baker, Coleman Deming, April 2012
26 photos

The Big Copper Circuit
47 photos
We spent a week in the North Cascades out of Holden Village. Three days were spent skiing Maude's N. Face and 7 Fingered Jack via a couloir we dubbed the 'Jacked' Couloir for the fact it ended in a...

Spearhead Traverse, March 2012
47 photos

Camp Muir, February 2012
16 photos

Paradise to Crystal Mountain Traverse, February...
43 photos

Misc. 2012
27 photos

White Pass 2011/12
23 photos

Rogers Pass, Canada, December 2011
16 photos

Ryan Lurie Birthday on Mt. Snoqualmie
8 photos
A day out with good friends.

Muir, October and November 2011
8 photos

Ruth Mountain, October 2011
12 photos
Louie and I went up to Ruth Mountain yesterday and enjoyed the awesome sun, 5 inches of powder on various aspects, then bivied on the summit. The stars were awesome, a nice chill set in and we awoke...

Sahale Mountain, October 2011
8 photos

Mount Baker, September 2011
13 photos
Some summer turns on Mount Baker with Adam Roberts, Josh Hummel and Juya Ghanaie.

Wind River Range, Bridger Wilderness Traverse,...
40 photos
12 days hiking across the Bridger Wilderness. The first half was with family and the 2nd half I finished with Juya.

Published Images 2011
56 photos

Bowron Lakes Circuit, August 2011
62 photos

Ptarmigan Traverse, July 2011
8 photos
6 days skiing across the Ptarmigan Traverse. Tagged the summits of Dome, Old Guard and Sentinal.

Hwy 20 Road Trip, June 2011
9 photos

Isolation Traverse, June 2011
70 photos

Little Tahoma, May 2011
4 photos

Glacier Peak, Chocolate Glacier
30 photos

Mount Shuksan, White Salmon Glacier
26 photos

Mount Baker, Coleman Deming
25 photos

Goode Mountain - SE Face (East Face Ascent)
31 photos
My story on Goode: cascadecrusades.org/SkiMountaineering/goode/goode2011.htm

Mount Stuart, Ulrich's Couloir, April 2011
19 photos

Fernow and Bonanza (Holden Village), April 2011
39 photos
Over a 6 day period Kyle and I managed to ski the North Face of Fernow (from the ridge crest) via the Infernow Couloir and Bonanza Peak from the ridgecrest a few feet below the summit. My story on...

White Pass, February 2011
37 photos
Thanks go to Andy, Adam, Carrie, Sam and Josh for letting a photographer have some fun!

Bonanza Peak, NW Buttress
40 photos
The full story and images: cascadecrusades.org/SkiMountaineering/bonanza/nwbuttress2... Jason Hummel Photography alpinestateofmind.com cascadecrusades.org On Facebook...

Mount Larrabee January, 2011
32 photos
The story: cascadecrusades.org/SkiMountaineering/larrabee/larrabee20...

White Pass New Year, December 2010
30 photos

Mount Herman and Table Mtn 2010
44 photos
Sometimes the snow and powder are perfect. Here are multiple reasons to love life.

Peru 2010
30 photos

Black Peak, 2010
13 photos
Juya and I decided to go and climb Black Peak. We found awesome fall colors such as larches and blueberry bushes turning red and yellow.

Rialto to Shi Shi beach, August 21-28, 2010
52 photos
Over 8 days with my mom, niece, nephew, brother's wife and brothers, we ventured up the Olympic coast of Washington State from Rialto Beach to Shi Shi over 8 days. From rain and fog, to beautiful...

Daniel Lakes Circuit, 2010
13 photos
A cross country hike around Mount Daniel completed over 4 wondrous days. Lakes traveled by include: Squaw, Peggy's pond, Circle, Venus, Foss, Peasoup, Jade, No Name, Marmot and Hyas (as well as many...

Hidden Lake Peaks Lookout
16 photos

Eldorado Icecap
39 photos
3 days high in the North Cascades climbing and skiing Marble Needle Couloir, Dorado Needle (15-ft from summit), Eldorado and Klawatti. Good times, and a fine adventure.

Bailey and Olympus Traverses 2010
45 photos
Along with Kyle Miller, we finished 25000 vertical of climbing and skiing deep in the amazing and foreboding Olympic National Park. Between the glaciers and the wildlife and scenery, I don't know...

American Alps Traverse, June 2013
191 photos
A grand traverse of the Cascade Crest, traveling 120 miles from Hwy 20 through Glacier Peak (and out the Whitechuck River) and up and down 60,000 vertical feet over 16 days.

Alpine Lakes Traverse, 2010
61 photos
For 6 days Kyle Miller and I traveled through the Alpine Lakes and its myriad valleys and passes to complete a most fantastic ski traverse.

Mount Adams, Klickitat Headwall
34 photos
There are numerous routes on Mount Adams that provide some of the finest steep skiing in the state. This route has been on my list for years. What made it difficult to do was for the seemingly...

Mount Baker, Coleman Headwall - Western Lobe
37 photos
With Mike and Andy Traslin, we headed up to Mount Baker. They needed to get some photos and I needed to get out. The weather didn't look good - forecast - mostly cloudy with a chance of rain. We...

Dome Peak
21 photos
In the North Cascades, there are places that are the scourge of the climber, skier, hiker, etc. They continually challenge and temp, but rarely reward as you expect. Very challenging avalanche...

Pelton Peak, NW Face
37 photos
A break in the weather during this dreary spring convinces Adam, Drew and I to head into the North Cascades. Through manky snow, we turn from our initial goal and instead climb and ski the NW Face of...

John Day River
19 photos
4 days, 69 miles, class I-III open canoeing in a fully loaded 17.5 foot canoe (can you say bilge pump), good family, a little rain and a little sun....means a ton of fun on the Wilderness Section of...

Mount Matier, March 2011
13 photos

Vertfest 2012
20 photos
This is a great race and demo day at Alpental put on every year by Outdoor Research and other sponsors to raise funds for NWAC. Day one begins with the Monika Johnson Memorial Rally. Day 2 is an all...

Ruth Mountain
10 photos
A cold, chilly January day on Ruth Mountain in Mount Rainier National Park with Kyle Miller and 'Boot'. Good times! Great snow! Awesome weather!

Winchester Kayaking and Canoeing
25 photos
Two days of wonderful weather and friends kayaking and canoeing the Winchester Wasteway for 25 miles. I'll have a story up on my website soon. Enjoy the pictures for now.

Southwest Trip 2010
54 photos
3 day hike in Death Valley (Fall canyon to redwall), 2 day trip on the dunes, and a 4 day trip into Escalante in Utah.

Mount Buckner, North Face
19 photos
Headed up to Mount Buckner to ski the North Face. Two days, wonderful weather and snow in an amazing place. 10 years of thinking about going here, and finally we score. It was awesome!

The Wapta Traverse, Banff National Park
25 photos
The weather was too tempting and the Canadian Rockies still on my mind. I decided to join my friend Sky Sjue and his girlfriend on the Wapta Traverse, a ski route that follows the Continental Divide...

The Picket Traverse
22 photos
For six days, Forest and I would cross Stetattle Ridge, down into McMillan Cirque, over Mount Fury, down into Luna Cirque, over Mount Challenger, down Perfect Pass, then out via the Mineral High...

Banff National Park, January 2010
20 photos
Skiing and climbing in Canada is something special. Not only is it cold, but the mountains are big and the skiing is just as dominating as the landscape. These are a few photos from climbs and ski...

Crystal Mountain, March 2011
9 photos

Death Valley National Park
15 photos
Road Trips are times to experiment and get away from it all. Times to forget responsibilities and dream. This is a trip I won't soon forget. Death Valley is an amazing place. I hope you enjoy...

35 photos

Osprey Gallery
70 photos

21 photos

Sierra Trading Post
31 photos

Mountain Gear
32 photos

35 photos

Mtn Gear: Winter
71 photos

Mountain Gear Spring Submission
62 photos