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441 items

Scarlett's 1st Birthday Party
274 photos
A beautiful garden birthday party to celebrate Scarlett's first birthday!

Taylor's First Piano Recital
80 photos
Spring Piano Recital with Robyn's Nest Piano 5.17.19

Taekwondo Graduation 5.14.19
132 photos

New York City Adventures
294 photos
Easter Break 4.25-28 2019

175 photos
April 22-24 2019

SJS 8th Gr Musical 2019 - Cinderella
582 photos

Cherry Blossoms 4.4.19
88 photos

Taylor's 8th Birthday Party
113 photos

Luisa's Retirement Party
192 photos

AG Luncheon 3.17.19
124 photos

Vanish Brewery
90 photos

Surprise Karaoke Birthday
134 photos, 1 video

4179 Whitlow Pl
94 photos

Ski Liberty 1.31 & 2.1.2019
66 photos, 7 videos

WISP Ski Trip 1.25-27.2019
301 photos

Andrew's 19th Birthday 1.13.19
83 photos

DWTS Live @MGM 1.9.19
126 photos

DEI Holiday Party 1.5.19
105 photos

Christian's Birthday
51 photos

New Years Eve 2018
200 photos, 1 video

JPat's 13th Birthday Party
341 photos, 1 video

Christmas 2018
408 photos

Kennedy's 5th Birthday Party
258 photos

Mom's Cookie Exchange 2018
48 photos
2nd Grade Moms - Class of 2025 12.11.18

Hoffmann's Cookie & Cocoa Party 2018
50 photos

Sugarplum Fairy Luncheon
288 photos

JPat's NYC Adventure
99 photos
11.29-30 2018

Thanksgiving 11.23.18
75 photos

Sports Support Day
174 photos

Generosity Feeds
61 photos

Pia's 1st Birhday Party
54 photos

Anna & JL's Baby Shower
83 photos

Halloween 2018
92 photos

Li'l Feet Halloween Party
39 photos

James' 3rd Bday Party
99 photos

Abrams Bday Parkour Party
191 photos

Herndon Homecoming
103 photos

Parish BBQ
61 photos

Nina and Andy's Baby Shower
95 photos

Jersey City Wkend
75 photos, 1 video
8.3-5 2018. Visited Jo and Morgan!

Scarlett's Baptism
91 photos

Kentmoor Harbor
62 photos

Anna's Baby Shower Brunch
101 photos
Host Grace Villaver did a great job planning an adorable shower for Anna and Baby Ling #3 8.12.18

Knox's 6th Bday Party
166 photos

Andrew Through The Years
147 photos

Legoland Florida 7.26.18
185 photos

Walt Disney World 2018
119 photos

Annapolis 7.8.18
153 photos

July 4 2018
104 photos

Busch Gardens & VA Beach
59 photos

Wonder Maddie Turns 5!
89 photos

1st Gr Glen Echo Field Trip
195 photos

Hayden & Baby Event
222 photos

Gurlz Nite @Sew Magarbo
42 photos

Lil & Sadie's Birthday Tea
438 photos

Rhian's 4th Bday Party 3.31.18
259 photos

Easter 2018
139 photos

Taylor's 7th Bday Party
66 photos

Jerome's 39th Birthday
78 photos

Get Together 3.2.18
53 photos

Newsbash 2018
88 photos, 1 video

WISP DEI Weekend 1.26.18
126 photos, 4 videos

Roundtop 1.16.18
102 photos, 2 videos
A day of skiing at Roundtop. Awesome conditions. With friends. After lunch I get really injured and that part was awful. Otherwise a great trip!

1.2.18 PLAY
175 photos
Last day of Christmas break! Autobahn and Launch Trampoline with friends.

105 photos

Coco's Nutcracker Tea
92 photos

JPat's 12th Birthday
81 photos, 1 video

Christmas Day 2017
638 photos, 1 video

Christmas Eve 2017
76 photos

Kennedy's 4th Bday Party
168 photos
At Luv 2 Play

The Hoffmann's Cookies & Cocoa
63 photos

1st Gr Mom's Cookie Exchange
44 photos

The Little's Wine & Cheese 12.2.17
175 photos

The Nutcracker Tea 12.2.17
237 photos
By Loudoun County Ballet Co, at River Creek Club

Villaver Friendsgiving 11.25.17
66 photos

Sinistral Brewing Grand Opening
64 photos

Halloween 2017
78 photos

St. Joseph Parish 13th Annual Craft Fair
90 photos

Halloween Bash 2017
188 photos, 1 video

Asheville NC
586 photos

Labor Day Weekend 2017
130 photos

Savvy's 7th Bday Party
100 photos

Massanutten 2017
262 photos

Uncle June's 70th Birthday Bash
66 photos

SCAD Graduation Wkend 2017
112 photos, 1 video
Joanna graduates!

Manila 2017
871 photos, 7 videos

Pool Fun 5.26.17
85 photos

Field Day 2017
234 photos

Living In Yellow Fundraiser Event
57 photos

Ladies Society May Dinner 2017
32 photos

DEI Founders Luncheon
61 photos

SJS 8th Gr Musical - Singing In The Rain 2017
79 photos

Coco's 1st Bday Pandamonium Party
262 photos

Karaoke Night 2.19.17
90 photos

SJS Talent Show 2017
115 photos

Sweet & Sassy
22 photos, 1 video

Jillian's 11th Birthday Party
34 photos

Superbowl LI
140 photos
Diganci's Annual Superbowl party. Superbowl 51 Patriots vs Falcons. Such a fun night!

Jeline's Surprise Tacky Pajama Girls Night Baby...
51 photos

Jim Gaffigan Comedy Show
23 photos
National Harbor with friends. Dinner at Granite City Brewery and then watched Jim Gaffigan at MGM

Ilaria's 6th Bday 1.7.17
17 photos
@Loudoun Sports Bounce

Christmas Cookie Exchange
76 photos
Ryanne B. hosted a wonderful Christmas Cookie Exchange party! Her house was decked out in Christmas decor from floor to ceiling and in between! Such a fun night with the ladies.

Nutcracker Tea
198 photos, 2 videos
Joining Angeline and Lilli in their annual Nutracker Tea tradition. This year it was at the Salamander Resort in Middleburg, VA. So beautiful and what a great event!

801 & Christmas Bar
112 photos, 3 videos

54 photos
We visited Thomas Jefferson's home in Charlottesville!

Busch Gardens Christmas Town 2016
182 photos

Reston Holiday Parade 2016
108 photos

Thanksgiving 2016
36 photos

Villaver Friendsgiving 2016
57 photos

ICE! 2016
119 photos
Christmas Around The World followed by dinner at Granite City Food & Brewery.

Giuliana's Baby Shower
39 photos

Paco & Rav's Superhero 1st Bday Party
68 photos

Fall Soccer 2016 U12
74 photos
The Mighty Cheesepuffs Tournament Weekend. Winning 2nd Place. Coached by Tom Hendershot

Halloween 2016
139 photos

Disney In Concert 2016
30 photos

Abram's Bday Celebration(s) 2016
126 photos, 7 videos

Apple Picking @ Stribling Orchard
198 photos

Stefanie's Bday Brunch 9.11.16
29 photos

Labor Day Crab Feast 2016
128 photos, 2 videos

Kamayan At The Bride's
73 photos
Bill and Wina Bride had us over for tons of food and great company!

First Day of School 2016-17
139 photos
Jpat - Fifth Grade. Taylor Kindergarten

Disney World Memory Maker
270 photos, 9 videos

Animal Kingdom Last Day
54 photos

Disney Springs
91 photos

Universal Orlando Resort
201 photos
Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios

Disney World - Mickey's Backyard BBQ
156 photos
Kidani Village Pool and Mickey's Backyard BBQ

Disney World - Magic Kingdom
378 photos

Hershey PA Wkend 7-2016
201 photos

Mike's 37th Bday Celeb
27 photos

July 4th Wken 2016
98 photos

NYC For Hamilton 6-2016
231 photos, 3 videos

JPat's Swimming Fun
82 photos

Field Day 2016
169 photos

Taylor's PreK Graduation
48 photos

Tot Squad DC Media Launch
27 photos

Hayden's 33rd Birthday
63 photos

Coco's Sip & See
157 photos

Mother's Day 2016
109 photos

Inferno 5.8.16
217 photos

Inferno 5.1.16
107 photos

Diana & Ria's Bday Dinner
32 photos
@ Earls, Tysons

Mitchie Proposes to Joanne
97 photos

NYC With Joni 1.2016
142 photos

Easter 2016
69 photos

Lilli's American Girl Lunch
97 photos, 1 video
Happy 7th birthday Lilli

New Orleans
194 photos, 1 video
Went to NOLA to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary!

Taylor's 5th Birthday
59 photos

Top Golf 3.20.16
67 photos
Get together and celebrated Paolo's birthday

James' Baptism 3.13.16
86 photos

4th Gr BBall End of Season Party
42 photos
@ The Breeze. Thank you Coaches, Parents and Players

Target Shooting
42 photos, 7 videos
2.15.16 shooting day with Ryan at Blue Ridge Arsenal!

Chinese New Year Celebration
102 photos
2.13.16 @ New Fortune, Gaithersburg. Thanks Anna!

70 photos
"adult time" soooo much fun with SJS basketball parents!

Skiing 1.17.16
86 photos, 1 video
At Liberty Mountain Resort. Taylor's first time trying to ski.

Gatz's Annual Holiday Hoopla
72 photos
This year we made 120 sandwiches and packed snack bags. It was a great night.

JPat's 10th Bday Weekend Party
159 photos
We spent the weekend to celebrate JPat's 10th birthday in Williamsburg, VA. We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge and went to Christmas Town with family.

Christmas Day 2015
318 photos

Christmas Eve 2015
186 photos

Kennedy Celebrates 2!
169 photos, 1 video

Top Golf 12.18.15
66 photos

REO Real Estate Holiday Party 2015
41 photos

JPat's Christmas Recital
32 photos

Thanksgiving Day 11.26.15
72 photos

Punta Cana, DR 2015
478 photos
A great trip with fabulous friends, the Lings and Santos'. We stayed at the beautiful Bavaro Princess All Suites Resort & Spa. Took advantage of the Platinum upgrade. Went on a catamaran cruise,...

Gabriel Sebastian's Baptism
223 photos
Nov 8, 2015

Halloween 2015
101 photos, 2 videos

Halloween Bash 2015
166 photos

Taylor's PreSchool Halloween Parade 2015
83 photos

1 video

Andrew's Homecoming 2015
114 photos
Andrew is a sophomore. 10.24.15

Herndon Homecoming 2015
118 photos

Ticonderoga 2015
161 photos

Loyola Women's Retreat 2015
95 photos

Page Co Festival & Skyline Drive
103 photos, 1 video

Hayden's Surprise Baby Sprinkle
168 photos
9.27.15. Afternoon tea at Sweet City

Abram's 5th Birthday Celebration
266 photos, 6 videos
At Temple Hall Farm, Leesburg

RIP Victor Papa Esguerra
189 photos

St. Joseph Parish BBQ 9.12.15
26 photos

Luca's 6th Birthday Party
47 photos

NYC Day Trip
93 photos

Inferno OBGC Finals Game
97 photos

First Day of School 2015-16
90 photos
Jpat - 4th Grade. Lilli - 1st Grade

Inferno 2015
62 photos
Weekend Tournament 8.29.15

Williamsburg, VA
169 photos
DEI's 35th Anniversary

Knox's 3rd Birthday Party
172 photos

Baby Gabriel
48 photos
Welcome to the world!

Myrtle Beach 2015
515 photos, 5 videos

Studio Bleu Summer Camp 2015
31 photos, 4 videos

Alexi's 1st Bday Party
46 photos
Steve and Maria Tran's 1st baby, Alexis turns 1! Happy Birthday!

July 4th 2015
81 photos

Newsies @ National Theatre
81 photos
Brunch at Farmers Fishers Bakers and Dinner at Tanpopo

Lilliana's Kinder Graduation
177 photos

Omakase Counter @ Sushi Taro
36 photos

Awesome Con
30 photos

Dinner At Gatz's
33 photos
just for fun

JPat's Piano Recital 5.30.15
65 photos

Ladies Society May Dinner
57 photos
5.21.15 @ Piero's

Mother's Day 5.10.15
128 photos

Mother's Day Tea
58 photos

Taylor's Pre School Field Trip
66 photos
Frying Pan Farm

Dad's 58th Birthday
73 photos

SJS 3rd Gr DC Monuments Trip 2015
99 photos, 1 video

15 Years As A Realtor & Apprecition Party
108 photos

Ladies Society Mini Retreat
20 photos

Taylor and Sadie's Birthday Party
70 photos, 1 video

Rhian's 1st Birthday Party
196 photos, 1 video

Hawaii 2015
650 photos

Christmas Town 2014
135 photos

Landon's Last Soccer Game 2014
68 photos

Halloween 2014
140 photos

Taylor's PreSchool Halloween Event 2014
74 photos

Celebrating Meredith
42 photos

Mom's 56th Birthday Dinner
13 photos

Auntie's Appreciation Dinner
161 photos

Azores Choi Wedding
88 photos, 1 video

Abram's 4th Bday Party
63 photos

Easton, PA
184 photos, 1 video
weekend getaway with kids

First Day of School 14-15
88 photos
JPat's 1st day of 3rd grade. Lilli's, Ava's and Bella's 1st day of Kinder.

Taylor's PreSchool Open House
21 photos

NYC w/ Ate Donna 7.14.14
88 photos, 2 videos

OBX 2014 iPhone Pix
193 photos, 1 video

OBX 2014
426 photos

Skyline Caverns
47 photos

Mike's 35th Bday Celeb
48 photos, 1 video

Andrew's 8th Grade Grad Party
33 photos
@ Little's House

Massanutten Resort
125 photos, 5 videos
6.22-24 2014

Joanne & Vince's Wedding Wkend
416 photos

Lilliana's Pre-K Graduation
73 photos

Rhian's Baptism
155 photos

Jerome's First Holy Communion
139 photos

Ava's 5th Bday Party
70 photos
@ Color Me Mine

Easter 2014
132 photos

Savannah Trip 4.24 - 27
231 photos, 1 video

Andrew's 8th Grade Play
88 photos
Once Upon A Mattress

Great Country Farms Egg Harvest
64 photos

Andrew's Confirmation
140 photos

Taylor's 3rd Birthday Party
174 photos
Frozen themed party

Sadie Turns 1
149 photos

Ryan and Vaneza's Baby Shower
124 photos
Hosted by Kristina and Jason Hacker

Kennedy's Baptism
201 photos

Jerome's 8th Birthday Bash
151 photos
with his classmates @ Claude Moore Rec

JPat's 8th Birthday
36 photos

Basketball Semi Finals and Finals Wkend
61 photos

Holiday Parade 2013
65 photos, 1 video

Thanksgiving 2013
94 photos

Loyola On The Potomac Women's Retreat
79 photos

Mom Esguerra's 61st Bday
22 photos

Reedville VA Wkend
59 photos, 3 videos
Fun with friends

Dad Esguerra's Bday Wkend
93 photos
Annapolis, MD

Toronto Canada
213 photos
Labor Day Weekend 2013

1st & 2nd Days of School 2013-14
86 photos

The Overnight Walk DC
57 photos

Sadie's Baptism
53 photos, 1 video

SJS 1st Grade End of Year Picnic
239 photos
Tuesday June 4 2013 @ Bready Park

Virginia Beach
90 photos, 1 video
Ryan came back from Afghanistan after 6 months so The Esguerras headed for VA Beach for Memorial Day weekend!

Hayden's 30th Bday Luau
116 photos

Las Vegas 2013 iPhone Pix
214 photos, 4 videos

Las Vegas 2013
322 photos
Went to Vegas to celebrate Monique's birthday. It was a fun filled girls weekend!

Prince William Housing Fair 4.27.13
18 photos

Cancun Trip
368 photos
Cancun, Mexico family trip with family friends Anna and JL Ling and their two kids Landon and Ava. We stayed at Grand Oasis Palm and had a good time. April 12-16 2013

Egg Hunt and Mallow Harvest
197 photos
Great Country Farms in Bluemont, VA.

Joanna's 18th Bday Party
216 photos

Russell Vane III Suprise 60th Bday
200 photos

Rapid Fire Basketball '12-'13
23 photos
Upward basketball

Joy & Paulus' Wedding
120 photos

Gatz Holiday Hoopla
31 photos

NYC 12.14-17
162 photos
JPat wanted to celebrate his birthday in NYC. Thanks to Ninang Jeline and Tito Chris, we were able to go.

ICE! @ The Gaylord - National Harbor
50 photos

Thanksgiving 2012
130 photos
Thanksgiving Dinner and RTC Holiday Parade

Mom Esguerra's 60th Bday
345 photos
The Esguerra Family celebrated Mom Esguerra's 60th birthday in New York City. It was a fun filled weekend. It was JPat's first time in NYC. My first time at the Statue of LIberty. Such a great...

1st Grade Bread Baking
34 photos
Baking cornbread with first grade red

Herndon Homecoming 2012
289 photos

Mears Creek, Solomon's Island MD
258 photos

Cub Scout @ Franklin Farm
140 photos

Luca's 3rd Bday Party
43 photos

Soccer Game 9.15.12
46 photos

JPat's 1st & 2nd days of 1st Grade
59 photos

Jerome in Sweden
138 photos

Orlando FL 7.8 - 7.14.12
561 photos
A great vacation with my kids, my parents and two younger siblings

July 4th 2012
89 photos

Kindergarten Graduation
67 photos
Jerome Patrick graduated from Kindergarten on June 8 2012. He spoke and welcomed everyone and the principal Mrs. Cargill even recognized him and said how eloquently he spoke! I'm super proud!

33 photos, 1 video

Kinder Lunch & Field Day
89 photos

New York City
55 photos
Weekend in Times Square with Monique, Kyia and Delilah to celebrate Monique's birthday! We watched Blair Underwood in Street Car Named Desire, went to Mood, walked around and had a fantastic Italian...

SAX - Monique's Bday
31 photos

Sesame Place
205 photos
Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? A trip with the Lings and Magalona-Santos! Fun Times

Easter 2012
124 photos

Easter Cookie Decorating
52 photos
Went to Mike and Hayden's to decorate those yummy sugar cookies!

Noah's ABC Ark
155 photos

Movie Play Date
10 photos
Off of school 3/9/12 so had a pizza lunch and watched The Lorax with friends

Jerome Bday Kickoff
130 photos
Thanks to all the friends and family who came out to help kickoff Jerome's birthday weekend!!! First stop Sweet City for coffee, deserts and music. Then Panache for drinks and dancing. Thank you Dino...

Joanna's Infinity Cheer Competition
65 photos
Battle At The Capitol at The Gaylord Convention Center and Hotel at National Harbor. Way to go Infinity Senior Co-Ed for placing 1st!!!!!

28 photos

Chinese New Year Celebration
59 photos
Thanks to my friend Anna and her parents we had another fun time celebrating Chinese New Year at her parent's restaurant, New Fortune in Rockville. The dragons were awesome, the drums,...

Andrew's 12th Bday Celeb
64 photos
Sushi, Tempura, Pasta, and Bowling!!!

Wisp 2012
145 photos

Holiday 2011
119 photos
Christmas was a bit different this year since Mom and Dad and the kids went to be with JP in Seattle as well as Jeline and her family. It was Hayden and I for Christmas but it was still fun! We...

Holiday Party
265 photos
A lovely get together with friends, had dinner at Lebanese Taverna at the Galleria in Tysons then had people over our house to hang out. As you can see we had lots of fun!

Jerome Patrick's 1st Piano Recital
22 photos
Dec. 17 2011. I am so proud of JPat! He walked up to the piano with his music, grabbed the foot rest with his butt up to the audience, then adjusted the seat, sat and played one note then turned...

SJS Christmas Program
61 photos
"A Gift of Song" 12.6.11

Little's Wine & Cheese Party
92 photos

Riviera Maya Mexico
467 photos
Blue Bay Grand Esmerelda Resort 11.25 - 11.29.11

Thanksgiving 2011
64 photos
So with Mom and Dad in Seattle with JP, we spent Thanksgiving at Hayden and Mike's Home then went to the Santiago's! It was a very nice day (but I did miss my parents and JP)

JPat's Kinder Thanksgiving Feast
69 photos
St. Joseph's School Kindergarten White, Mrs. Luczko's class 2011-2012 Thanksgiving Feast.

Halloween 2011
64 photos

Apple Picking Fall 2011
136 photos
Stribling Orchard as usual

Soccer Fall 2011
108 photos
SYSA U6 Boys - Coach Dustin Fedei

Herndon High JV Cheer
35 photos
Cheerleading competition at Parkview High School 10.1.2011

Andrew's CYO Track Meet
17 photos
Andrew's First Track Meet. He competed in 4 races: 100, 200, 400 and co ed relay. Came in 2nd for the first, 3rd for the 400 and not sure about the relay. Awesome job for his first time!

Abram Peter's 1st Birthday
86 photos
09.25.11 - "Falling for the apple of their eye" (Angeline and Chris)

Las Vegas
157 photos
This was Jerome's first time in Las Vegas. We stayed for 4 days and 3 nights at The Hooters Casino and Hotel. I tried their wings and oysters for the first time. The wings were so good I got them...

St. Joseph Parish Annual BBQ
40 photos
The sun finally came out after a week of heavy rains and just in time for the annual Parish BBQ!

Mom Esguerra's Birthday
21 photos
Maria Luisa "Enlou" Esguerra's Birthday!

Jerome Patrick's 1st Day & Week - Kinder
79 photos

Vancouver 8.21.11
175 photos
Spent a day in Canada with my siblings. Walked around a LOT! Gas Town, Robson St, Stanley Park, drove thru Chinatown and West End, Granville Island was closing by the time we got there.

Seattle, Washington
376 photos, 6 videos
The girls (minus Joanna) went to visit JP in Seattle to help celebrate his 30th birthday. We did lots of things: Seattle Duck Tour, Pike Place Market, First Starbucks Store, Beechers Cheese, Peroshky...

Evan's Baptism
23 photos
Erick and Vanessa Rodriguez's baby was baptized 8.14.11. They had awesome Pupusas and meat!!! JPat took all but the last two photos.

Taylor Eloise's Room
19 photos
Thank you to all the family and friends who contributed to this room!

Savannah's 1st Birthday
50 photos, 3 videos
Mel and Austin's baby girl turned 1 and this was Taylor's first birthday party experience. She and Kuya JPat had lots of fun! Thank you to Savvy for the invite!

Taylor Eloise's Baptism
657 photos

National Harbor
67 photos
Family Day at National Harbor

4th of July 2011
127 photos

Mamma Mia at Wolftrap
52 photos, 2 videos
Girls Night out was such a blast! Thanks ladies!

JPats Trip to Niagara Falls
173 photos, 2 videos

Father's Day
96 photos
June 19 2011

Tito Andy's Bday Celebration
72 photos
June 2011

JPat's End of Yr Picnic & Graduation
46 photos, 1 video
Bruin Park

Hayden Wedding Weekend 2
131 photos, 6 videos
Point and Shoot camera

Dad's 54th Birthday
58 photos

Herndon Big Truck Day
76 photos

Jacki's Baby Shower
417 photos
3.5.11 hosted by Hayden and Angeline

Jules & Gary's Wedding
534 photos

Landon's 3rd Bday
133 photos

Air & Scare at Udvaar Haazy
38 photos
Halloween Event at Air & Space Museum

Herndon Homecoming 2010
136 photos

Hayden & Mike Wedding Wkend
184 photos

Jean and Sue's Wedding
386 photos
St. Regis, Washington DC 7.31.10

Outer Banks, NC
458 photos
Esguerra Family trip to OBX, Southern Shores, NC 7.11.10 - 7.18.10

Megan's Surprise Baby Shower
98 photos

Monique's House Warming
22 photos, 1 video

Hayden's Bridal Shower
43 photos
A nice bridal shower brunch at River Creek Club in Leesburg. See more photos from Captured Journeys Photography at capturedjourneys.com/html_gallery.cfm?menu_itemID=537593&...

Hayden's R&R Tasting
42 photos
National Harbor and River Farms

JPat volunteered at Herndon Festival!
16 photos
He had a great time and we spent zero dollars that day! Gotta LOVE Herndon!

Last Soccer Game 6.5.10
56 photos

Soccer 4.10.10
68 photos
SYSA Spring 2010 - Scorpions coached by Steven Crosby

Korean Fashion
41 photos
While waiting 6 hours for our flight back to the US I decided to take photos of all the lovely Koreans at the airport! They all dress nicely and have designer clothes, shoes and bags! Even the kids!...

Mom Returns to Manila
140 photos
After 21 years my Mom finally gets the chance to return to the Philippines. May 2010

Lola Trell's Funeral
84 photos
She was buried at Manila Memorial Park on Sunday May 23, 2010

Lola Trell's Wake/Viewing
145 photos
My Mom and I arrived Manila and was able to attend three days of the viewing before the funeral of Estrella F. Guloy.

Easter 2010
71 photos

Soccer Orientation
33 photos
Jerome Patrick's first soccer season. Sterling Youth U4/5. These were from his "orientation" meet and greet type thing. I think he's ready for his first game.

Great Country Farms
206 photos
Opening Day at the Farm in Bluemont, VA. Marshmallow harvest, easter egg hunts, mazes, animals, kettle corn and more! We had tons of fun!

Happy 31st Bday JRock
111 photos

Jacki Turns 31!
51 photos

National Zoo - DC
98 photos, 2 videos
Spent a great day with the Lings and Gatz fam. The weather was great and the animals were out! Had a great time

Ate Charo's Bday Celebration
90 photos, 1 video
Alto, Centreville VA

REO Real Estate Holiday Party 2009
24 photos
McCormick & Schmick Tysons

Chinese New Year
27 photos
Good friends Anna and JL Ling invited us to celebrate Chinese New Year with them at Anna's parent's restaurant in Rockville. It was our very first lion/dragon dance experience. We had lots of fun!...

Blizzard 2010
28 photos
Last night we experienced a very rare "thunder snow". It was really lightning and was amazing colors that lit up the sky! Wish I got photos of those! These were taken this morning 2.6.10....

Vanessa & Jonathan's Wedding
321 photos
November 7, 2009, Washington DC

Philippines Trip Pt & Shoot Cam
384 photos, 7 videos

Philippines Trip 2009-2010
1520 photos
After over 20 years, my siblings and I (all 6 of us) along w/ our children and significant others (excluding my husband) return to the Philippines together! It was a crazy start from flight delays...

Gatz' Annual Holiday Hoopla
199 photos
This years white elephant exchange was "infomercials". It was a riot! Good treats, company, lots of laughs and karaoke! Thanks Angeline, Chris and Lilli

Blizzard 2009
22 photos
First heavy snow of the season came early...December! Tons of snow fun!

New York City
40 photos
A rainy day in NYC with just the girls for Hayden's Bridal Gown search!

Andrew's First Basketball Game
36 photos
First snow of the season and Andrew's First Basketball Game playing for his school, Saint Joseph's! He did an AMAZING job! I'm so proud of him!

Pia Ysabella's Baptism
103 photos
Good friends Macky and Precious asked me to be a Godmother to their lovely baby Bella. Bella was baptized on Nov. 22 at St. Joseph's Church

Pacquiao vs Cotto
96 photos
Go pacman! 11.14.09

DivaFit Level 6 Graduation
10 photos, 6 videos
Our good friend Jenn graduated from Level 6 of her DivaFit class on Nov. 6 2009. She invited us and she did a fab job! Crazy what these girls can do!

Prince William Housing Fair
29 photos
October 24 2009

St. Joe's Annual Craft Fair
76 photos

Halloween 2009
46 photos
Jerome Patrick's first Halloween parade at his Pre-School, Cascades Fall Festival and Trick or Treating with Tito Andrew and some neighbors!

Herndon Homecoming 2009
108 photos
Joanna is now a freshman at HHS and is a member of the JV cheerleading squad. Gen1 are HHS Alums and we are so proud to see her enjoying what we experienced so many years ago. Andrew attends St....

Joanna's First Game - Cheering
73 photos
Herndon High School JV Cheerleaders 9.16.09

Backyard Grill
40 photos
Jenn asked us to help celebrate Diva Fit's Anniversary and we celebrated Frank's Bday too! Tons of pole dancing, drinking, dancing AND of course LAUGHING!

Disney World
664 photos
Travelled to Savannah Georgia then headed to Disney World for one week. Visited The Magic Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios. We had a fantastic time!

Pampered Chef Party
110 photos
Hosted my very first Pampered Chef Party in our new house. Had a great time with everyone! Love my Pamapered Chef Consultant, my very own mother Hayres. To order great kitchen products contact her at...

Lilliana's Baptism
72 photos
Herndon 7-2009

Camping with Santiagos
138 photos
Celebrating Uncle Juen's 62nd birthday at Camp MD, Piney Point MD

Joanna's 8th Gr Grad Party
172 photos
Graciously hosted at Mike and Hayden's house

Hayden's Graduation
195 photos
George Mason University 5.15.09

Hayden's Graduation
67 photos
George Mason University 5.15.09

Easter 2009
34 photos

Easter Crafts
57 photos
Coloring Eggs and Making Bird Nests w/ the Warners! 4.11.09

Joanna's Confirmation
70 photos
St. Joseph's Church, Herndon VA

Jacki Turns 30! JRocks Cam
196 photos

Wisp 1-16 to 1-18-09
98 photos
Wisp Resort, McHenry MD

Legally Blonde at Kennedy Center
20 photos

Denise's Visit
11 photos

New Years Eve 2008
78 photos

Christmas Day 2008
234 photos
Christmas at the Alberts then Esguerras

Christmas Eve 2008
67 photos

Annual Holiday Hoopla 2008
54 photos

Las Vegas Nevada
189 photos
Dec. 13-15 2008

Philippines 2006
724 photos

Riviera Maya - Grand Sirenis
547 photos
Mexican Riviera, Grand Sirenis Resort, Mayan Village - Coba 11-28 - 12-2-08

237 photos, 1 video

REO RE Holiday Party
30 photos
12-6-08 @ American Tap Room, Reston VA

Thanksgiving 2008
137 photos

Inferno Travel Soccer
156 photos
Last Game against Loudoun 11-2-08

Halloween Party Louann
509 photos

Halloween 2008
64 photos

REO Halloween Party
46 photos

HHS '98 10 yr Reunion
156 photos

Mom's 50th Bday Surprise Party
152 photos

Washington DC
72 photos

Albert Gatz Rehearsal Night
217 photos

Albert Gatz Wedding
298 photos

Enlou's Bday Wkend
334 photos
Cherrystone Camping Resort

Hershey Park
170 photos

Casi's Bridal Shower
134 photos

Ron's 27th Bday Party
120 photos
Party, drinking, fun, flip cup

Angeline's Bridal Shower
191 photos

Deep Creek Lake
520 photos

Tito Andy's 50th Birthday
16 photos

Kouts Toledo Wedding
183 photos

Hayden's Birthday
62 photos

Andrew's First Communion
75 photos

Caribbean Princess Cruise
372 photos
April 12-20 2008: St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Princess Cays

Benji's Wedding - Ryan's Cam
60 photos

Easter Weekend 2008
128 photos

Maria and Benji's Wedding
150 photos

NY & AC Weekend
128 photos

Andrew Turns 8!
24 photos

Christian's Bday Bowling
38 photos

Christmas 2007
56 photos

JPat's 2nd Bday Party
132 photos

First Snow
10 photos

Annapolis & Baltimore
101 photos

Reston Town Center - Holiday Weekend
43 photos

Thanksgiving Dinner 07
37 photos

Hayden's Turkey Trot
22 photos
5K Run in Herndon, VA

YMCA Gala 2007
26 photos

Erin & Joe's Baby
30 photos
Baby Shower and Baby Zayna Amerie

Apple Picking 07
30 photos

Psoriasis Walk
25 photos

Trick or Treating 07
26 photos

Halloween Party 07
74 photos

Russell Richardson Vane V
28 photos
Welcome to the world baby Richie! Congrats Russ & Patricia!

Jeline's Surprise Party
81 photos

Strawberry Picking
12 photos