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Angie Vogel / 41 items

Sunrise Sunset
66 photos
Sunrises and Sunsets

North Cascades Washington
25 photos

The Sun, The Moon, and the Stars, and More
135 photos, 2 videos
Milky Way, Stars, Moon, Northern Lights, the sun, and eclipses.

Vacation 2017
23 photos

Solar Eclipse - August 21, 2017
7 photos
Some images from the solar eclipse from Riverton, Wyoming.

Painted Hills Oregon
6 photos
In central Oregon near Mitchell. This the Painted Hills Unit.

41 photos
A very unique area in Stanwood, Washington, where we watched several Short-eared Owls. Other birds seen were the Northern Harrier, Bald Eagles, a Rough-legged Hawk, and a Great Blue Heron. The owls...

Lower River Road/Vancouver Lake
19 photos

Central Oregon
49 photos
Great birding locations including Fort Rock, Cabin Lake, Summer Lake and surrounding areas in south central Oregon

Long Beach Peninsula, Washington
66 photos
Sights around the Long Beach Peninsula, from Ilwaco to the Willapa NWR at the northern tip.

Columbia Hills State Park
15 photos
Images from the area around Columbia Hills State Park, including Dalles Mtn Ranch, and Crawford Oaks. The spring wildflowers are amazing!

Gifford Pinchot National Forest
19 photos
Sights in and around the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington State.

Johnston's Ridge and vicinity - Mt. St. Helens
13 photos
The end of the road at Johnston's Ridge Observatory, and the beginning of many trails and sights in Mt. St. Helen's National Volcanic Monument.

Loowit Falls Trail Hike 2015
11 photos
Hightlights of a 9 1/2 mile hike round trip from Windy Ridge to Loowit Falls inside the blast zone of Mt. St Helens National Volcanic Monument.

Mt Hood National Forest
10 photos
Sights in the forest around Mt. Hood, Oregon

Commonwealth Lake Park
6 photos
A little lake in Beaverton, Oregon.

Conboy National Wildlife Refuge
4 photos
This refuge is located southwest of Glenwood, Washington.

Columbia River Gorge
70 photos
Wildlife, nature, and scenic wonders around the Columbia River that runs between Oregon and Washington.

The Dalles Lock and Dam
46 photos
Eagle activity in winter.

North Central Oregon
31 photos
More north central.

Puget Sound
5 photos

Westport, Washington
16 photos
Westport is half-way up the Washington coast, across the bay from Ocean Shores. This seems to be the place in summer for Brown Pelicans and Heermann's gulls.

Suburban Eagles
10 photos
These eagles have taken up residence in a suburban neighborhood with tall fir trees. How would you like to have an eagle's nest in your back yard?

Fernhill Wetlands
31 photos
Fernhill Wetlands is located in Forest Grove, Oregon. Great place for birding!

Mt. Rainier National Park
87 photos, 1 video
One of my favorite mountains to visit.

Artistically Enhanced
26 photos
Images that are enhanced digitally with textures or different backgrounds, etc.

Hummingbird Nest
3 photos

Wildlife Botanical Gardens
50 photos
These gardens are located in Brush Prairie, WA

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens
4 photos
These gardens are located near Reed College in Portland, Oregon.

Woodland Bottoms
43 photos

Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge
6 photos
This refuge is located off I5 in Olympia, WA.

Snowy Owls on Damon Point, Ocean Shores, WA., 2013
28 photos
Here are some of my favorite shots from our day trip to see these beautiful owls.

Cinnamon Teal Brawl
12 photos
This is what happens when a bachelor drake tries to take another's gal! These are just a few of the several shots taken of the two Cinnamon Teal Drakes fighting over the female. Victory at the end.

134 photos

72 photos
More hummingbird photos in the Backyard Birds & Critters Album

Steigerwald NWR
80 photos

Bald Eagles of Ridgefield NWR
98 photos

Ocean Shores, WA
14 photos
Amazing place!

198 photos

Back Yard Birds and Other Critters
727 photos

Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge
1937 photos
SW Washington State, Ridgefield, WA.