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User / William Weaver / Phototools with Windlight Plus for Firestorm 4: Download and Demo
William Weaver / 1,551 items
Firestorm now has Phototools integrated directly in the viewer, you can download it here: Firestorm Homepage

Guided video tutorials covering all the settings in Phototools can be found on Youtube: Click here for the Youtube playlist

Website: Guides, tutorials and resources for Phototools and image making in SL

Phototools is a collection of 4 floaters that re-skin the viewer to:

1. Provide comprehensive access to the settings and preferences Second Life photographers and movie-makers need for full-featured image making all in one place.

2. Reformat the Camera menu to add additional settings for greater control and 3D mouse (Space Navigator) support.

3. Reformat the Windlight menus and add Windlight Plus settings.

a. This give you access to setting values previously unavailable to Second Life through the viewer interface.
•Crystal Clear Water (by allowing the 'Water Fog' to be set 0)
•Bright Life-Like Stars (by raising the 'Star Brightness' limit up to 500)
•Inverted Sun (by allowing for negative values for 'Sun Focus')
•Rapid Clouds (by allowing for greater values for 'Cloud Scroll')
•Rapid Water (by allowing for greater values for 'Wave Direction')

b. Provides access to all settings in an easy to use layout

Nearly every item on all the menus has a detailed and easy to understand explanation of what it does as a tool tip. Some are quite extensive. Click here for on-line menu guides

Hover your mouse over the label and the information/description of what it does will pop up.

Click here for information on graphics cards for SL.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!
Sincerely and with best regards,

William Weaver

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