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Pekabo / 73 items

7 photos
These photos have a story.

Malibu Creek State Park
15 photos

Sycamore Canyon north of Malibu
6 photos

Los Angeles Arboretum
2 photos

Unexplained high views
28 photos, 1 video

Google Images
10 photos
I have found a few of my photos used in Google Images.

Best of the Canon SX 50 and SX 60
32 photos, 5 videos

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
2 photos

Butterfly Schmetterling 蝴蝶 vlinder 나비 ...
12 photos

Santa Barbara
10 photos

Angeles Crest
10 photos

39 photos

Monthly Collage
16 photos

38 photos, 2 videos
Straight out of Camera. No trickery. But perhaps a wee bit of cropping.

Orange County
2 photos

62 photos, 3 videos
A small dirt colored bird that lives along the California coast, the wrentit was just reassigned from one family of birds to another -- and as a result, it's now protected under one of America's...

Echo Park
14 photos

2 photos

22 photos

La Jolla Canyon
3 photos

Loyola Marymount
20 photos

Griffith Park
5 photos

Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden
15 photos
UCLA Botanic Garden

Rustic Canyon
6 photos

Madrona Marsh
174 photos, 2 videos

Legg Lake
8 photos

Peck Road Water Conservation Park
6 photos

Point Vicente Park
17 photos

53 photos, 1 video
Equestfest is a family-friendly event showcasing many of the equestrian acts that will participate in the Rose Parade on New Year's Day.

Ken Malloy Harbor Park
6 photos

Old Mill San Marino
11 photos

Virginia Robinson Gardens
19 photos

Holy Cross Cemetery
5 photos

Santa Monica
43 photos, 1 video

Lewitt Family November Marina Del REy
9 photos

19 photos

Pacific Palisades
422 photos, 13 videos

Sand Dune Park
7 photos

Kenneth Hahn Park
25 photos

Franklin Canyon
42 photos
Franklin Canyon Park

110 photos, 1 video

San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary
12 photos

Palos verdes
107 photos, 2 videos

West Los Angeles
87 photos, 2 videos

Playa del Rey Birds
18 photos

Los Angeles Arboretum
25 photos

Sycamore Canyon/Beach
4 photos

Serra Malibu
9 photos

4 photos

31 photos, 2 videos

Del Rey Lagoon
10 photos

Bolsa Chica
17 photos

Scenic Overlook State Park
4 photos

118 photos

Marina Del Rey
95 photos, 2 videos

Legacy Park Malibu
119 photos

Pepperdine Ponds
5 photos

Will Rogers State Beach Birds
9 photos

Day trip to Oxnard/Ventura
11 photos
Adventure to find the birds a little north of us.

Malibu Lagoon
117 photos, 3 videos

Not a Bird
9 photos

Playa Vista
77 photos

Ballona Wetlands
258 photos, 3 videos

South Coast Botanic Garden
146 photos, 1 video

108 photos, 1 video

Will Rogers State Park
160 photos, 5 videos

Adamson House in Malibu
23 photos

Amazing Good Boy
28 photos, 2 videos

28 photos, 10 videos

Bird watching
2016 photos, 30 videos

Barbara's Boyz
7 photos

Arboretum Bonsai Wintertime 2012
7 photos
Bonsai and other areas of the Los Angeles Arboretum

Louie the Tui
3 photos