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Hoof was out in the Lab working on some form of prototype fuel accelerant🔥 for their Typhoon that he thinks will get him and Horace to Mars and back in a day plus do a bit of shopping🚀.

Meanwhile Horace had been face timing some of his Gloucester Old Spot mates and during the course of their communications the subject of North Devon came up. So Horace came rushing into to me and said “ Bri I have been thinking” to which I replied “remember your position Horace, you know what happens when you start to think”🙈

Anyway Horace went on to say that he does not think we have photographed anything in North Devon, so as we all like a jolly we checked our passports and we were almost good to go🛂.

Hoof normally drives, however he fancied a drink tonight so Horace went out into the garages and got out our old jalopy, loaded the gear up and off we went in a huge cloud of smoke💨💨💨.

Well being a very old vehicle halfway into the journey we had to stop to take on wood, which gave Hoof a chance to whip into The West Country Inn and relieve some of the locals of their hard earned cash over a couple of games of cards🃏♣️♥️♠️♦️.

Everybody and everything refuelled on to the second leg of the journey by which time the sea mist started to roll in, where words like bother, and oh gosh were used (I think not*****💥********💥*******)

Undeterred Horace put his foot down and on a sharp righthand bend he did a handbrake turn and we drifted sideways on down this single track road, we all checked the seats we were sitting on and as far as we could see no damage done if you follow my drift💩🚗.

I said to Horace do you know where you are taking us, “no he said I am just making it up as I go” Fair enough as long you do not go to Hamshire

Anyway we ended up at this beach where we found this impressive arch stack, to give an idea of scale you may be be able to see the Crow on the very top of the rock.
H & H then got out their tape measure and found the right hand opening to be approximately 15ft wide & 30ft high, give or take a nadgers and the left opening approximately 5ft wide & 40ft high give or take a nadgers.📏📐

There will be a return visit in an attempt to capture a proper sunset, plus I have a certain person in mind to stand in the right hand opening even though I don’t normally include people in my shots, watch this space over the coming months😉.

I will leave you with this thought over the weekend,
If what you have done is stupid but it works, then it really isn’t that stupid at all😇

As always I so value the time you take to view my photographs, and I really appreciate the comments which on so many occasions lead on to so much humour, enjoy your weekend🍺🍺🍻🍻🍷🍷🐎🐷😎😂😂😂

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  • Taken: Mar 29, 2019
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