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Thought I would share this little story with you that I recalled from my youth.

Many years ago, I really mean a lot, at my first place of work a new apprentice had been employed and back in the old days respect really meant something.
So at break time this new lad sat down with his packed lunch, one of the more senior men produced a new Thermos Flask for this lad and gave it to him and said this is a little gift to make you feel welcome here.

The lad being young and naive asked what it did, well the senior man said it is a very useful product, it keeps hot things hot, and cold things cold. Well this young lad was made up with this.

Next day during lunch the lad gets out his packed lunch and the new flask, one of the men said what have you got in it, the lad replied two choc ices and three cups of coffee, we absolutely fell about I don’t think the boss could quite believe how we were all laughing so much during our afternoons work.

Have a lovely easter🐣🐥🐰🌸🌼🌸and may the sun shine on you all🌞

Thank you so much for viewing my photos, the comments you leave are so appreciated

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Busy weekend for H & H they are glued to the TV watching the first Major Golf Championship of the year, The Masters at Augusta, which looks like it could be interrupted by the weather.

Briefly as you will all know from my true stories Hoof is some golfer anyway, who will ever forget 2016 when Hoof and his mates were instrumental (Don’t ask) in the epic meltdown of Jordan Spieth where he made a quadruple bogey 7 at the 12th hole which in turn gave England’s Danny Willett the championship that year.
Hoof coaches many of the top professional golfers from all over the world, you could say he has quite a few in his stable.

Now Horace is getting very good at the game of golf under the watchful eye of Hoof, we bought him a set of junior clubs then Horace took the clubs out into our workshop cut them down, you could say a custom fit and game on.
We have been taking Horace to the local golf club where is is often seen on the practice range nailing 280 plus yard drives with his 8 degree driver.

He struggles a bit with his wedges and putting, but he will get there. As we say to Horace, drive for show, putt for dough.

At the moment it is one of the most interesting leaderboards for many a year, let’s hope the weather is kind, and the Tournement concludes Sunday evening with a very worthy winner.

I will leave you with this thought for the weekend,
Two mysterious people live in our house, “Somebody” and “Nobody”
Somebody did it and Nobody knows who.

Thank you for looking at my photos, your comments and input is very much appreciated

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N 715 B 53.6K C 161 E Mar 29, 2019 F Apr 5, 2019
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Hoof was out in the Lab working on some form of prototype fuel accelerant🔥 for their Typhoon that he thinks will get him and Horace to Mars and back in a day plus do a bit of shopping🚀.

Meanwhile Horace had been face timing some of his Gloucester Old Spot mates and during the course of their communications the subject of North Devon came up. So Horace came rushing into to me and said “ Bri I have been thinking” to which I replied “remember your position Horace, you know what happens when you start to think”🙈

Anyway Horace went on to say that he does not think we have photographed anything in North Devon, so as we all like a jolly we checked our passports and we were almost good to go🛂.

Hoof normally drives, however he fancied a drink tonight so Horace went out into the garages and got out our old jalopy, loaded the gear up and off we went in a huge cloud of smoke💨💨💨.

Well being a very old vehicle halfway into the journey we had to stop to take on wood, which gave Hoof a chance to whip into The West Country Inn and relieve some of the locals of their hard earned cash over a couple of games of cards🃏♣️♥️♠️♦️.

Everybody and everything refuelled on to the second leg of the journey by which time the sea mist started to roll in, where words like bother, and oh gosh were used (I think not*****💥********💥*******)

Undeterred Horace put his foot down and on a sharp righthand bend he did a handbrake turn and we drifted sideways on down this single track road, we all checked the seats we were sitting on and as far as we could see no damage done if you follow my drift💩🚗.

I said to Horace do you know where you are taking us, “no he said I am just making it up as I go” Fair enough as long you do not go to Hamshire

Anyway we ended up at this beach where we found this impressive arch stack, to give an idea of scale you may be be able to see the Crow on the very top of the rock.
H & H then got out their tape measure and found the right hand opening to be approximately 15ft wide & 30ft high, give or take a nadgers and the left opening approximately 5ft wide & 40ft high give or take a nadgers.📏📐

There will be a return visit in an attempt to capture a proper sunset, plus I have a certain person in mind to stand in the right hand opening even though I don’t normally include people in my shots, watch this space over the coming months😉.

I will leave you with this thought over the weekend,
If what you have done is stupid but it works, then it really isn’t that stupid at all😇

As always I so value the time you take to view my photographs, and I really appreciate the comments which on so many occasions lead on to so much humour, enjoy your weekend🍺🍺🍻🍻🍷🍷🐎🐷😎😂😂😂

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The Boys and I were getting ourselves ready for The Masters Tournement, the first of the four majors in professional golf which will be held as always at The Augusta National Club in Georgia, and we have less than a month to prepare for this event.⛳️

So Hoof was up on the roof lashing up a dustbin lid to act as a satellite dish to pick up the TV coverage, Horace and I were checking that the drinks cabinet was well stocked in anticipation of Rory Mcllroy winning the tournament which would give him a grand slam of majors.

As Horace is one of these pigs that likes to keep himself busy he said he would walk up to the village shop and buy some more of his favourite tipple.
On route he popped into the churchyard to check out the crocuses. The church yard is always a place to see these beautiful spring time flowers and people come from miles around to view and enjoy them. What could possibly go wrong. 🌷🌷

Horace had not long been in the church yard and the vicar appeared, Horace and the Vicar have struck up a real bond.
H and the Vicar were soon engaged in a meaningful conversation where the vicar mentioned to H that the regular lady driver of the village mini bus 109 year old Miss Trebogus had been out on her hen night with many of her elderly sisters when she unexpectedly fell over, the result of which she is in hospital undergoing a quadruple hip replacement.

So the Vicar asked H if he would drive the mini bus for the Woman’s institute annual outing.🎉🎉🎉🍷🍷🍷🎸💃

H thought about this request for a moment and replied “look I have only ever driven a motorbike, it may be that I find your long wheelbase Transit mini bus a bit big for me to handle. I will do you a deal, what if I traded in my motorbike and got another vehicle”.🚌

The vicar was all ears at this, what have you got in mind Horace, H said tell you what I could do, trade the motorbike in and get a Pig-Up, I could transport the ladies around in the back of it.💃💃💃💃💃🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🐷

I will leave you with this thought,
A clear conscience is the sure sign of a bad memory😜

Thank you all for viewing my photos, your comments are so appreciated, have a good week🐎🐷😎😜🍺🍺🍺😂😂😂

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Here we are just another normal day at our home, Hoof was out in the field putting in a lot of fitness training for the up and coming point to point races that he competes in around the county, Horace was in the drive cleaning his motorbike (that’s another story !)

Hoof’s phone rang it was the call the pair had been waiting for since the 19 January 2019 when the first launch of the Falcon 9 Rocket and SpaceX’s Crew Dragon mission had to be postponed after the cleaning lady accidentally fell over and unintentionally initiated the launch sequence which H & H had to fly to Florida and sort out.

Just to recap H & H have been the brains behind this whole project which is to sub contract out Space travel to private companies like SpaceX.
Their brief was to design a capsule that could dock with the International Space Station (ISS). This flight is just a demonstration flight so no crew members will be on board the capsule, however there was a dummy on board (Which I could not possibly comment on). A suggestion has been made by fellow Flickerite Brian Spicer, that H & H should dock with the ISS and carry out a space walk one night when no one is looking.

Right, back to the here and now H & H immediately instigated operation Pink Welly and they were on it like a rash. As we are a village which is quite humble and private, (one example of this is that the Fire Brigade are ex-directory) we knew the press would be after a story so preventative measures had to be put in place.

This was now serious stuff indeed, the village street lights were dimmed by one of the ladies from the Woman’s Institute, signs were put up at access points to the village saying ‘we know nothing about a rocket launch in Florida’ this was to deter any television and press frenzy, you know what the media are like.

Large screens had been erected in the village pub to cover the launch, peopled rocked up from the nearby parishes, once the pub was full it went into lockdown (a regular occurrence) Sharps Brewery immediately called in a night shift to cope with the huge demand in beer that was inevitably to be consumed. Reports suggested that the record for drinking the yard of ale that had stood for many years in the village had been broken four times in the lead up to the launch alone.

Hoof went out to their Typhoon checked the oil, water, and screen washer fluid kicked the tyres, Horace was in his especially built navigators seat belted in and they were ready to go.

With everything now in place and under the cover of darkness Hoof and Horace roared down the runway of our field and into the night sky, it was so touching that a large crowd waved them off, well about 3 of us the rest were in the pub watching the screens.

The flight from Cornwall to Florida was completed well within the hour H & H touched down near to the Kennedy Space centre at the historic Pad 39A.
With the engines of the Typhoon still running Horace was out of his seat and his little pink wellies were going ten to the dozen as he sprinted across the tarmac and added a certain ingredient to the petrol tanks of the Falcon 9 rocket.

Hoof immediately went to the command centre where the launches are controlled from. As Hoof entered the CC to his amazement all the engineers where watching The Honda Classic Golf tournament from The PGA National Resort, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Hoof let out a polite cough (No not a botty cough this would have cleared the CC) once they saw Hoof they all immediately stood to attention. Hoof gave the orders to prepare to launch the Falcon 9 Rocket, as he has the authority to pull rank on anyone in the world with his security clearance.

Horace had been over to check out all was good with the Falcon 9 rocket, he also reported that he had cleaned the headlights, checked the radiator for water, and corrected the tyre pressures.

Horace thought it would be very appropriate if the canteen lady who has been involved in this project should carry out the countdown, so for the millions of you who tuned in live this was in fact the voice you heard doing the old 10, 9, 8, etc business.

So on Saturday 2nd March 2019 at 07.49 GMT (02.49 EST) the Falcon 9 took off, for those of you who were watching at home (and no excuses as at 07.45 GMT the BBC went over live to cover this historic event).

Did you all notice once the rocket was leaving the launch pad, and the smoke had cleared just below the yellow flames what did we have yes ! Pink flames honestly, you cannot make this up check it out on YouTube. Horace has the mobile phone number on speed dial of the chief engineer who is responsible for the famous red, white, and blue smoke of the Red Arrows, and a mix was especially made up and put in the petrol tank of the space craft by Horace on arrival.

Our Village went ballistic with such a sense of pride in what our two home grown engineers had achieved. The large crowd not only started throwing beer everywhere in the pub, they also bust into song “There’s only one Hoof & Horace”. Sharps were struggling to keep up with demand as the launch pictures were being beamed live around the village.

A team from the NASA ground crew had refuelled H & Hs Typhoon while it was ticking over so they could get back to the village asap. Never try this with your own vehicle at the pumps, always turn off the engine and remove the ignition key.

With no time to lose Hoof had his foot hard down on the noisy pedal (accelerator) and Boys had their Typhoon flat out racing back across the Atlantic to the village for a full debrief in the pub before everyone had lost the ability to speak, and remember where they were at this moment when history was made.

I will leave you with this thought.
Isn’t it funny how red, white, and blue represent freedom,
Unless they are flashing behind you !

Thank you so much for viewing my images, your comments are always so appreciated😎🐎🐷😂😂😂

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